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The Cafe

What's the worst thing on the menu at the museum's cafe?

A chocolate donut and a sprinkled, pink donut on a white plate


A scoop of very dark ice cream on a beige, swirly-patterned cone with a beige cherry

Dänish Ice Creäm

A stack of red pancakes with butter and dripping blue sauce on a shiny blue plate


A tall, iced, green-and-yellow juice with an orange straw

Jujube Juice

A red sandwich with white cheese and black fillings, partially encased in a black wrapper with a red star

JJ's Sandwich

A white-and-red bucket of fried chicken with a person's face

Southern Fried Chicken

A wide, matte, black-and-red bowl of white noodles with a panda image

Mama Bear's Instant Noodles

Two loaves inside a green wicker basket with a handle

Pan Loaf

A shiny dark green bowl of greens and cucumbers

Greens with Sweet Dressing

Each person takes a lengthy path to their seat following the below rules:

  • They can only walk vertically or horizontally.
  • No one crosses paths.
  • They traverse every square foot.

chair16Person holding Mama Bear's instant noodles37chair
4Person holding JJ's Sandwich
Person holding Dänish ice creämCafe1
Person holding Southern fried chicken14Person holding donuts17
chair6Person holding pancakeschair
Person holding pan loafPerson holding greens with sweet dressing8Person holding jujube juice