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Street Smarts

You decide to track down the Museum’s anonymous donors out on the streets. Once you find all of the donors, you can make your way back.

This puzzle requires physical presence. You may need to move leaves or snow.
A compass rose with one red spoke which is pointing 70 degrees counterclockwise of up

He has a large statue and shares both his first and last names with a character recently portrayed by Seth Carr (1/2)

Botanical name on a botanical specimen (1/3)
)3/3( nemiceps lacinatob-non a no eman lacinatoB
Honored by one Lee, but the enemy of another (1/2)
Name on a labeled tree which is directly across from a labeled bench (1/2)

His head is not actually marble (2/2)
)3/1( gnos tfiwS rolyaT a fo eman eht gniniatnoc euqalp yadhtrib a no emaN
Shares both first and last names with a famous mathematician (2/2)
)3/1( "B'O" demankcin enoemoS

Flanked by an American woman and an Irish woman (3/3)
)2/2( "OLOY" yas thgim euqalp rieht no sdrow evif eht ,ecnalrap yad nredom nI
Name directly on a bench under her reverend (3/3)
)2/2( seert tuoba etouq a htiw euqalp a htiw eert a ot txen eert a no emaN

A noted white abolitionist (3/3)
Someone sponsored by his family fund (2/2)
)3/3( eman rieht ot sehcneb owt htiw enoemoS
Woman who shares a name with a head on copper who was hated by copperheads (1/3)

)3/3( srethguad owt htiw egduJ
Neighborhood champion and defender (3/3)
Small grandchildren are next to a bench in this person’s honor (4/4)
)3/2( sretirw rof dna sredaer rof ecivda dah yehT

A gentleman scientist (3/3)
Nicknamed "Buzz" (3/3)
)2/1( teragraM ot detacided euqalp a no detouQ
The only one who is standing (1/2)

Born near San Juan (1/3)
)2/1( sraey 17 yltcaxe was ohw owt fo nrob reilraE
He and his mother are remembered close together (2/3)
Later born of two who saw exactly 71 years (2/2)

A road running horizontally, with an arrow on the left pointing rightwards with the text "# clues" and an arrow on the right pointing leftwards with the text "# seulc"

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