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One of the Puzzles of All Time

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Critic reviews

  • Morbius really excelled when the main character morbed over the man who invented the Turing machine.
  • This film made many references to current culture, like when Morbius morbed with the blue puppet Youtuber.
  • The film was true art, and it showed when the main character used his special attack against a surrealist artist.
  • It was interesting that the writers chose the largest district by area in Zhenjiang as a location for the main character's morbing.
  • I appreciated when the main character resolved the argument about the parity of a zero with his signature move.
  • The plot of Morbius was amazing; I couldn't believe that Morbius morbed over the entire planet!
  • My favorite moment was when the protagonist morbed using a helium-neon laser.
  • The most memorbable part of Morbius was when Morbius morbed over the least populated province of the Netherlands.

Audience reviews

  • It was meta when Morbius became part of the executive committee for his own morbvie.
  • I found it unconventional that I enjoyed Morbius, even though I don't usually like superhero films.
  • I liked the morbvie, but I wish it could have been released in my favorite month.  
  • I watched the film while crossing a Bay Area bridge, which really made me relate to the main character, Morbius.
  • Morbius was well worth the price of admission. I would stop buying cigarettes in exchange for Morbius tickets any day.
  • As the truest height of cinema, Morbius deserves a trophy.
  • When the former NYC mayor said that he liked Morbius and that it had sold a morbillion tickets, I had to watch it for myself. The morbvie really made me feel like I was Morbius.
  • What is there to say about Morbius that hasn't already been said? Morbius had the morbiest plot of all time. I can't help but award third place to Morbius as the morbvie of the year.
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