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Solution to Where The Wild Things Are

The Investigation

Answer: HABIT
by Suzanna Roberts
Art by Suzanna Roberts
Additional support: Fill-a-Pix design

Each of the eight puzzles are straighforward puzzles to be solved. Once solved, the image will be a children's monster displaying a certain number of fingers. Each of the monsters are a color that matches a monster's color on the last page of the activity book. The number of fingers indexes into the matched monster's name. The order is achieved by matching the monsters on the last page to the body position of Max in Where the Wild Things Are, yielding the phrase NUN'S GOWN, leading to the answer HABIT.

Finished images

Spiroglyph of Barney the dinosaur holding up one finger

Maze of Big Bird holding up three fingers

Jigsaw puzzle of Clifford the Big Red Dog holding up four toes

Rota-draw of Cookie Monster holding up three fingers

Connect-the-dots of Gossamer the monster holding up two fingers

Color-by-Number of Mavis Dracula holding up eight fingers on two hands

Fill-a-Pix of Oscar the Grouch holding up one finger

Curved line nonogram of Sully holding up one finger

The final extraction order is:

Extraction order for images