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Watership Down

The Ministry

Even the most idyllic of warrens can seem a tad clawstrophobic after a year of pandemic! In order to keep from getting hopping mad at one another, the rabbits in Watership Down gathered every day in summer 2020 to play their liebste game from the previous year, Simply Single. Of course, rabbits are notorious for reading cards too hastily, and even though all the words on cards were in MW, including proper nouns, each rabbit read things wrong in their own way.

Game 1

Players in Order: Hazel, Hyzenthlay, Fiver, Vilthuril, Bigwig

Round 1 - 5

Hyzenthlay responded
Fiver ate
Vilthuril carafe
Bigwig climbed

Round 2 - 6

Hazel under
Fiver whisper
Vilthuril Frenkle
Bigwig lemon

Round 3 - 4

Hazel tatter
Hyzenthlay equipment
Vilthuril silflay
Bigwig wise

Round 4 - 2

Hazel showerer
Hyzenthlay polearm
Fiver articulate
Bigwig spread

Round 5 - 1

Hyzenthlay discoverer
Vilthuril urbane

Round 6 - 7

Hyzenthlay snake
Fiver away
Vilthuril dissembles
Bigwig avert

Round 7 - 2

Hazel Frith
Fiver embrace
Vilthuril stalks
Bigwig amaze

Round 8 - 3

Hazel venerating
Hyzenthlay withholding
Vilthuril safeguarding
Bigwig regressing

Round 9 - 2

Hyzenthlay arrow
Bigwig blankets

Round 10 - 2

Hazel claims
Hyzenthlay brine
Fiver Terrans
Vilthuril pertinent

Round 11 - 1

Vilthuril trespass
Bigwig Dufflepud

Round 12 - 3

Hazel documents
Fiver Huggies
Vilthuril prepay
Bigwig vans

Round 13 - 3

Hazel talk
Hyzenthlay instruct
Vilthuril remove
Bigwig treasure

Game 2

Players in Order: Dandelion, Holly, Clover, Blackberry, Bluebell

Round 1 - 1

Holly slip
Clover killed
Blackberry meld
Bluebell retailed

Round 2 - 5

Dandelion Stanleyville
Clover drenching
Blackberry schussing
Bluebell integument

Round 3 - 5

Dandelion Nuuk
Holly botanical
Blackberry hazards
Bluebell corner

Round 4 - 5

Dandelion limestone
Holly worldly
Clover peculiarly
Bluebell awaken

Round 5 - 1

Dandelion flayrah
Holly inkling
Clover paramecium
Blackberry fissure

Round 6 - 4

Holly verdant
Clover closer
Blackberry flunky
Bluebell pond

Round 7 - 7

Dandelion gizmos
Clover prioritized
Blackberry tattered
Bluebell fumed

Round 8 - 5

Dandelion cigarettes
Holly Shiraz
Blackberry trounce
Bluebell hives

Round 9 - 1

Dandelion underwater
Holly boyfriend
Clover marshes
Bluebell hrududu

Round 10 - 2

Dandelion primogeniture
Holly circumference
Clover carried
Blackberry northpaw

Round 11 - 5

Holly wails
Clover beetle
Blackberry foretold
Bluebell cradle

Round 12 - 2

Dandelion relegates
Clover amongst
Blackberry dial-up
Bluebell poems

Round 13 - 3

Dandelion hostesses
Holly scribbles
Blackberry tires
Bluebell ram