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Solution to Trust Nobody

Lake Eerie

by Ben Smith and Mike Nothnagel

The answer to each question is a word in English that is a “false friend” in Dutch. That is, the English word is also a Dutch word, but it means something different than the English word. The correct choice for each question is the English word that corresponds to the meaning in Dutch.

Question # Translation of question into English Answer in English Meaning in Dutch Number of euros Green letter
1 What do you call an unexpected ending to a movie or a garnish that is used on many cocktails? twist quarrel 10 N
2 What quantity often has thirteen things as measured by a baker? dozen boxes 10 E
3 What kind of doctor gives a deliberately biased view of a political situation? spin spider 8 L
4 Which word describes a style of dark beer and also a teapot in a rhyming song? stout naughty 1 L
5 What's the word for a published statement that damages a person's reputation? libel dragonfly 10 V
6 What animal is an adult male chicken with a bright red comb on its head? rooster schedule 5 O
7 What kind of romance is Lady Gaga singing about in a 2009 single? bad bathtub 12 N
8 What type of cup is often used to hold hot liquids such as coffee or hot chocolate? mug mosquito 7 D
9 What's the New York City bookstore with the slogan “eighteen miles of books”? strand beach 3 E
10 Which word can follow nail, computer or single? file traffic jam 5 N
11 What name was used for a planet in classical mythology and is also the name of a fallen angel in the Bible? lucifer match 15 A
12 When you order a McKroket, what kind of sandwich do you get? burger citizen 12 M
13 Which chess piece is sometimes referred to by the same word used for a building where a queen or king resides? rook smoke 4 M
14 Which hockey team plays its home games in the city where a famous tea party was held? Bruins Browns 6 A
15 Which member of the garlic family is also known as wild leek? ramp disaster 7 E
16 What word is used for a grotesque or terrifying creature, including one that supposedly lives in a Scottish lake? monster sample 8 N

The flag fingerprint in the corner of the screen for each question corresponds to a country that was a filming location for a season of the Dutch reality show “Wie Is De Mol?”. Some seasons filmed in multiple countries; in those cases, the flag is of the last country visited in that season.

The flags are in season order from season 5 to season 20. Reordering the questions by putting the correct answers in alphabetical order (as suggested by the first letters of the wrong answers) makes the green letters spell NAMEN VAN DE MOLLEN, which is Dutch for “names of the Moles”.

Determine the name of the Mole from each of those seasons, then index into the names using the numbers of euros added to the pot, which spells FRIENDLY REMINDER.

Question # Answer (in English) Green letter Country The Mole Index Indexed letter
7 bad N Nicaragua Patrick Stoof 12 F
14 Bruins A Georgia Jan Versteegh 6 R
12 burger M Dominican Republic Klaas van Kruistum 12 I
2 dozen E Argentina Milouska Meulens 10 E
10 file N Philippines Susan Visser 5 N
5 libel V Jordan Jon van Eerd 10 D
11 lucifer A Sri Lanka Margriet van der Linden 15 L
16 monster N China Rob Dekay 8 Y
8 mug D Spain Anne-Marie Jung 7 R
15 ramp E Colombia Merel Westrik 7 E
13 rook M United States Thomas Cammaert 4 M
6 rooster O Japan Kim Pieters 5 I
3 spin L Thailand Inge Ipenburg 8 N
4 stout L Mexico Dennis Weening 1 D
9 strand E South Africa Kees Tol 3 E
1 twist N Indonesia Yvon Jaspers 10 R