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Three Blind Mice

Star Rats

The mice wanted to show you their favorite things … but then someone came along and ruined their clues and answers. Here are some new clues that will be more helpful.

Old clues

• Most white rappers • He attends the house of Wayne Ellington • A general usually does this assignment • Hitchcockian costar of Jimmy Durante • One of 72 that orbit Jupiter • Generosity has this benefit • Counting everyone • Awful quality of sound cancelling headphones • Jean-Paul Sartre's "God has abandoned us" • Knotty record of a thorny problem • Having no home phone • Regional name for a donkey punch • Pink bird egg • Karate teacher dress code • Something birds have done on my windshield • Like a doughnut fryer • Liquid or gas fuel • Simple machine learning algorithms • Polish President Eisenhower's medals • Feather, to Yankee Doodle • Heat a little bit early to qualify for the race • William's House election predictions • Employee who works for free rides • He's in the deep South