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The Times They Had


Each of these full, stacked lives is the product of circumstances. Their paths occasionally crossed, and in the end, they all lived very colorful lives.

Billie Carvar,
the infamous cowboy kid!
Her quiet devotions
to juggling four
atomic lynxes
a sweet
empanada prize.
Score: 209,214

Kebe Figg,
who remodeled
Iberian militia
undercut a queen to
fix up royal clans
with a savvy
jester poodle.
Score: 4,992

Raj X. Gonzaga,
CFL yodeler,
vital Wikipedia writer,
enjoyed inventing
bad theorems
about donut
hole recipes.
Score: 2,672

Liberal Vicar
Hakam Lamb
pried hot, foreign
tequila off a sus
wizard, yet got
enjoining needy TV
audiences to bow.
Score: 2,952

Old, aging Mav Rosa
joined Creekaw,
the super
rascally fox up in
Fort Wayne, Indiana
to get the
rogue zombie squid.
Believe it!
Score: 6,400

Sleep, heroic
Max A. Skinner, wanted
pal of Djibouti
(Venezuela before),
quite an idiot archer,
young, twisty,
a god among rivals.
Score: 3,656

W. Dash Veek
owed Gritty 'za
(eleven jillion pieces);
bombed thru galaxy
con fuego
in hip quest
for utopian
marinara asteroid.
Score: 29,588

Ex-major Eva Zoka
pale, vicious
pigs (oink!);
conquered a
Norwegian airfield (not
listable here) from
two tiny guys.
Score: 154,440