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Solution to The Last Olympian

The Ministry

by Kah Kien Ong

The first step is to solve the list of clues, which each give an answer phrase matching the given enumeration.

The puzzle title is the last book from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians (PJO) pentalogy by Rick Riordan, and clues Olympian gods for the first aha. Each of these phrases contain a word that is one of the domain/patron areas of an Olympian from the PJO universe (which includes some minor Olympians beyond the standard ones, following the events of the book).

The phrases in the flavortext "Camp Half-Blood" and "cabin fever" hints that the Greek versions of these Olympians should be used (as opposed to the Roman versions which are also in the series, but would apply to the counterpart Camp Jupiter) and the list of Olympians are also patrons to numbered cabins in Camp Half-blood.

The next step is to use the cabin number of the Olympian to index into the corresponding answer phrase to extract a letter each. The answer phrases, domain areas, Greek Olympians, and indexed letters are summarized in the table below.

ClueAnswer PhraseGreek Olympian (Cabin Number)Indexed Letter
After a limb fracture, the affected area is usually placed in a cast to aid this (4 7)BONE HEALINGAPOLLO (7)A
Region of the Pacific Ocean where many volcanic eruptions occur (4 2 4)RING OF FIREHEPHAESTUS (9)R
Reservation for an overseas holiday, such as for flight or accommodations (6 7)TRAVEL BOOKINGHERMES (11)I
The music at the end of "Return of the Jedi" was changed to this in the re-release version (7 11)VICTORY CELEBRATIONNIKE (17)O
Stand-up roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain (3 7'1 7)THE RIDDLER'S REVENGENEMESIS (16)N
The first film of MCU: Phase Three (7 7: 5 3)CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WARARES (5)A
2017 live-action remake of a Disney film, starring Emma Watson (6 3 3 5)BEAUTY AND THE BEASTAPHRODITE (10)T
Rod Stewart released a cover of this song by The Persuaders (4 4 4 3 3 4)SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCKTYCHE (19)L
Zombie apocalypse television series based on the comic book series of the same name (3 7 4)THE WALKING DEADHADES (13)A
Escrow companies are also known as these in transactions (5 7)THIRD PARTIESDIONYSUS (12)S
The part of the title of the Band's song in the album "Cahoots" that comes after "Last of" (3 11)THE BLACKSMITHSHEPHAESTUS (9)S
Total quantity of shares or contracts bought or sold (6 2 6)VOLUME OF TRADEHERMES (11)A
A large uninhabited and inhospitable region around the Sierra Nevada named after a famous naturalist known as the "Father of the National Parks" (4 4 10)JOHN MUIR WILDERNESSARTEMIS (8)R
1995 multi-level 3D dungeon adventure module by Monte Cook (9 2 7)LABYRINTH OF MADNESSDIONYSUS (12)M
1996 book by Margaret Dickinson that concludes the Fleethaven Trilogy (4 3 7)REAP THE HARVESTDEMETER (4)P
Madonna's seventh studio album, one which won her the most Grammys (3 2 5)RAY OF LIGHTAPOLLO (7)I
An accounting of a country's international transactions in a particular time period (7 2 8)BALANCE OF PAYMENTSNEMESIS (16)T
An unchanging universal fact or reality in philosophy and logic (9 5)IMMUTABLE TRUTHAPOLLO (7)B
Supernatural punishment that is believed to be inflicted in response to some action (6 11)DIVINE RETRIBUTIONNEMESIS (16)O
Black Sabbath's seventh studio album (9 7)TECHNICAL ECSTASYDIONYSUS (12)S
In a squad game, everyone should follow this predetermined group plan to ensure success (4 8)TEAM STRATEGYATHENA (6)T
Kept awake from worrying about a matter (4 5 4 9)LOST SLEEP OVER SOMETHINGHYPNOS (15)O
Receiving a final opportunity to do something (7 4 4 6)GETTING YOUR LAST CHANCETYCHE (19)N
This puzzle event (7 4)MYSTERY HUNTARTEMIS (8)H
Laura Dern won Best Supporting Actress for her role in this film (8 5)MARRIAGE STORYHERA (2)A
"Black Lotus" is a well-known example of this (5: 3 9 4)MAGIC: THE GATHERING CARDHECATE (20)R
Jacky Cheung and Faye Wong are well-known artistes in this genre originating from Hong Kong (8 5)CANTOPOP MUSICAPOLLO (7)O
Password to enter room with the Declaration of Independence in the film "National Treasure" (6 5)VALLEY FORGEHEPHAESTUS (9)R
A bazaar where stolen goods could have been peddled at (7' 6)THIEVES MARKETHERMES (11)K
You might find a legendary pot of gold here (3 2 3 7)END OF THE RAINBOWIRIS (14)O
Unpigmented stallions (5 6)WHITE HORSESPOSEIDON (3)I
US title for a series of novels and short stories by Michael Carroll about superhumans (7 8)QUANTUM PROPHECYAPOLLO (7)M
1984 Joan Jett album that contains the track "Frustrated" (8 7 2 1 8 5)GLORIOUS RESULTS OF A MISSPENT YOUTHHEBE (18)A
A biblical event involving Moses (7 2 3 3 3)PARTING OF THE RED SEAPOSEIDON (3)R
These can be stolen, according to Oscar Wilde (8 6)ORDINARY RICHESHADES (13)E
Oldest continually-operating theater in Boston (7 8 7)EMERSON COLONIAL THEATREDIONYSUS (12)N
Stevie Williams said skateboarding is this (6 2 6)POETRY OF MOTIONAPOLLO (7)O
A common legal defense used for those who committed crimes of passion (9 8)TEMPORARY INSANITYDIONYSUS (12)S
This film portrays aging star baseball pitcher Billy Chapel (3 4 2 3 4)FOR LOVE OF THE GAMEAPHRODITE (10)T
Chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling (5 6)BLACK FORESTARTEMIS (8)R
One of the names of the entertainment written by Ben Jonson for the crowning of King James I (3 10 7)THE CORONATION TRIUMPHNIKE (17)U
Third molar (6 5)WISDOM TOOTHATHENA (6)M
2006 spy film directed by and starring Robert De Niro (3 4 8)THE GOOD SHEPHERDHERMES (11)P
Two elements of the Eucharist (5 3 4)BREAD AND WINEDIONYSUS (12)E
Tom Vilsack's role since February 2021 (9 2 11)SECRETARY OF AGRICULTUREDEMETER (4)R
Second part of the Doctor Who audio drama "Sisters of the Flame" (9 2 7)VENGEANCE OF MORBIUSNEMESIS (16)I
The first track on the Mastodon album "Leviathan" (5 3 7)BLOOD AND THUNDERZEUS (1)B
Treating a person kindly or letting a person off the hook (6 5 2 7)HAVING MERCY ON SOMEONEHEBE (18)O
Infectious disease in rural wildlife caused by the bacterium "Yersinia pestis" (8 6)SYLVATIC PLAGUEAPOLLO (7)I
WNBA team co-founded by Ginger Ackerley (7 5)SEATTLE STORMPOSEIDON (3)A
Begged one's pardon (5 3 11)ASKED FOR FORGIVENESSHEBE (18)S
Lunar materials (4 5)MOON ROCKSARTEMIS (8)K
In Dragonlance, these mages were known as "The Circle of Three" (7 2 4 7)WIZARDS OF HIGH SORCERYHECATE (20)Y

The indexed letters spell 7 things (in alphabetical order) that appeared in the PJO universe, which can be paired with the 7 given PJO characters based on their associations/interactions with these things in the given books. The aha for the next step, again clued by the puzzle title (as well as the flavortext on "athletic competitions"), is that these interactions reference Olympic sports (or disciplines).

The referenced sports for each pairing match the given enumerations beside the corresponding character and are in alphabetical order, as summarized in the table below.

Character and BookQuote from Book with Story Interaction with Matching AnswerMatching AnswerOlympic Sport or Discipline Referenced
Zoë in The Titan's Curse"No!" Zoë yelled, and a volley of silver arrows sprouted from the armpit chink in Atlas's armor.ATLAS'S ARMPITARCHERY
Magnus in The Ship of the DeadStanding on the yardarm of the USS Constitution, looking down at Boston Harbor two hundred feet below, I wished I had the natural defenses of a turkey buzzard. Then I could projectile vomit on Percy Jackson and make him go away.
The last time he'd made me try this jump, only an hour before, I'd broken every bone in my body.
Hazel in The Son of NeptuneRiding Arion, Hazel felt powerful, unstoppable, absolutely in control—a perfect combination of horse and human.ARIONEQUESTRIAN
Piper in The Blood of OlympusPiper lunged at the giantess. Her jagged blade suddenly felt ice cold in her hands. The surprised giantess glanced down as the sword of the Boread pierced her gut. Frost spread across her bronze breastplate.PERIBOIAFENCING
Leo in The Mark of AthenaLeo had never been outside the U.S. before—except for a quick dragon flight up to Quebec. Now they were in the middle of the open sea, completely on their own, sailing to the Mare Nostrum, where all the scary monsters and nasty giants had come from.MARE NOSTRUMSAILING
Frank in The Mark of AthenaHovering about him was a giant goldfish. Frank had turned— clothes, backpack, and all —into a koi the size of a teenaged boy.KOISWIMMING
Percy in The Titan's CurseI began to sink, lower and lower to the ground, the sky's weight crushing me.SKYWEIGHT LIFTING

Extracting the numbered letters gives WEIGHTED NET, another thing that appeared in the PJO universe, and which could be similarly paired with the last character Annabeth.

In the PJO book "The Sea of Monsters", Annabeth threw a javelin to deflect a lead-weighted net during a chariot race. Hence the answer for this puzzle which fits the final given enumeration, and an Olympics athletics event referenced by the story interaction, is JAVELIN THROW.