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The Hobbit

The Ministry

In Bilbo's brave march around Middle Earth, he came across a magical ring with a peculiar property.


  • Common resource in Minecraft
    Tweaks again
  • Annoying little brats
    Wild stallion
  • Giant of the Giants
    Big names
  • Part of a sidecar
    Workshop tool
  • Marriott competitor
  • In the worst way
    Cosmos explorers, for short
  • Hot drink
    Sounds about right (2 wds)
  • Muddied
    Bell sound
  • In addition
    It was named in a coin flip
  • Video game level playable before release, maybe
    Provide funding for
  • Dumbbell cover (2 wds)
    Let one's voice be heard
  • Goes back and forth
    Voice of the Iron Giant
  • Didn't charge (2 wds)
    You might strike one


  1. How Frodo refers to Bilbo
    His tomb has a sculpture of his favorite mathematical proof
    Earth, to Merkel
    Bug that rot-13's to itself backwards
    Has as a total (2 wds)
    Without any money promised (2 wds)
    Card game released as a spin-off of UNO
    Add to the team
  2. Stud, e.g.
    Walk with confidence
    Nuts, pollen, etc.
    Frosh, in a year
    Like some conference calls (hyph.)
    Soul singer Bryson
  3. Look over again
    "Leave already!" (2 wds)
    It may leave tanlines on your feet
    Rare magical item, e.g., in fantasy stories
    Talk with your hands
    Melissa McCarthy movie
  4. Like the people of Lilliput
    Asian currency
    High-tech security measure (2 wds)
    Hot drink
  5. They're often worn with kufis
    Cosmos explorers
  6. First aid kit contents