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Solution to The Graveyard

Lake Eerie

by Foggy Brume
Art by Christopher Benson

Answers can be grouped so that they apply to a set of four ghosts or ghost-related characters, each in a different way. After solving each puzzle, solvers are presented with a ghostly audio clip. Apply the instructions in these clips to the gravestone for those characters. The gravestones are ordered alphabetically by epitaph; reorder by year (which represents when they appeared).

Grave 3: In Memoriam

The 4 ghosts from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and part of their description.

Order: Appearance

Order Puzzle Answer Ghost Instruction IN MEMORIAM
1 Endless Practice LONG CHAIN Jacob Marley Take the middle four letters. EMOR
2 The Colour Out of Space WHITE TUNIC Christmas Past Divide in half, switch halves. OREM
3 Frankenstein’s Music JOLLY GIANT Christmas Present Switch last two letters. ORME
4 Called Onto The Carpet DUSKY SHROUD Christmas Future Divide the third letter in half. ORDE

Grave 1: Adored

The 4 ghosts in Pac-Man and the meanings of their Japanese names.

Order: Colors as shown on the grave, original videogame presentation order

Order Puzzle Answer Ghost Instruction ADORED
5 🔔🦇🦇🦇 CHASER Blinky (red) Change the last letter to the penultimate letter. ADOREE
6 Jump Scares AMBUSHER Pinky (pink) Delete any letter appearing more than once. ADOR
7 Large-scale Anthropomorphism FICKLE Inky (cyan) Move the second letter forward two spaces in the alphabet. AFOR
8 Albumistanumerophobia FEIGNED IGNORANCE Clyde (orange) Reverse alphabetize the whole string. ROFA

Grave 4: RIP

The 4 Ghostbusters from the original 1984 film. First names of the characters are hidden in the answer.

Order: Credits in the movie

Order Puzzle Answer Ghostbuster Instruction RIP
9 What’s in the Box? What’s in the Box?! PAPETERIE Peter Venkman Move the middle letter to the front. IRP
10 Lord of the Flies BETRAYAL Ray Stantz Insert an A between the first two consonants. IRAP
11 Scream WOEBEGONE Egon Spengler Double the last letter. IRAPP
12 Lessons Learned from Porcine Construction TWIN STONES Winston Zeddemore Reverse the string. PPARI

Grave 2: Finis

Casper and the Spooky Trio and adjectives that describe them.

Order: Alphabetical

Order Puzzle Answer Ghost Instruction FINIS
13 The Mad Scientist’s Assistant FATS DOMINO Fatso Change a word to its opposite. FOUTIS
14 Trust Nobody FRIENDLY REMINDER Casper Drop the first letter. OUTIS
15 Shields STINK BOMB Stinkie Move a note to the front. TIOUS
16 Rack 'em Up STRETCH LIMOUSINE Stretch Turn the penultimate letter upside down. TIONS

The changed strings form ORDE + ROFA + PPARI + TIONS.