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The Enchanted Garden

The Quest Coast

The garden has gotten a bit overgrown with vines and weeds, but you still have an assortment of magic items you want to make, so get in there and collect the components you'll need.

Visit this Google Sheet template for a solvable copy of the grid.


  • A: Recover from an injury / They're not team players
  • B: Many a Gounod work / Moved like sap
  • C: Like Felix compared to Oscar / Prolong, as an audience's applause
  • D: Part of a Gounod work / Bureau
  • E: Satisfaction with one's work / Moolah
  • F: Made up a word / Nuclear reactor part
  • G: Not plentiful / Multiple Tony winner of 1996
  • H: Swear (to) / German for "head"
  • I: Bartender's supply / Sweat-inducing
  • J: Wrap / Fixes
  • K: One who will give you a hand / Word associated with pinball machines
  • L: With "off," gave something you don't want to someone else / Dryer detritus
  • M: Lemon-like fruit / Fellow


  • Part of G-C-A-T
  • Tourist attraction with a Polar Bear Cam (2 words)
  • Ornate wardrobes
  • Popular food fish (2 words)
  • Device that vents out hot air, strategically placed because hot air rises (2 words)
  • Flying a plane
  • Having a sloping edge
  • Champion cross-country skier Marit
  • Exciting moment in a tennis match (2 words)
  • Prefix meaning "opposite"
  • Blocks off with a line of soldiers or policemen
  • Someone to whom you owe money
  • Cheapen
  • Eats with gusto
  • Send a casual note (3 words)
  • Bird also known as a hedge sparrow
  • In serious need of beefing up
  • Personify
  • End of a David Mamet title (2 words)
  • It's not always clear what to do when you're here (2 words)
  • Drum kit bit (hyph.)
  • Rosters of targets (2 words)
  • "The Teflon Don" (2 words)
  • Game generally won by the best bluffer (2 words)
  • Stupid and slow-moving
  • Class trip destination, often
  • Sweet spread from Italy
  • Short-lived video streaming app from Twitter
  • Entertain with stories
  • A few
  • Detach suddenly (2 words)
  • Ask someone for something
  • Hullabaloo