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Solution to The Case of the Missing Component


by Mark Halpin and Mike Nothnagel

“The Chief Inspector” referred to in the flavortext is Endeavor Morse. Each of the answers contains a sequence of Ks and Os which can be interpreted as letters in Morse Code, using Ks as dashes and Os as dots. The flavortext also alludes to something feline going on, with “pussyfooting” and the frequent “purr” sounds. Each answer clues a book in the The Cat Who... mystery series. The title cat is KOKO, which, considered as a Morse “C”, confirms the dash-dot usage.

Each answer also clues a specific title in that series, which has a canonical ordering. This provides an ordering for the Morse letters, spelling the answer phrase A CRYING SHAMUS.

PuzzlePuzzle AnswerMystery ReferencedOrderKs and OsMorse Code
The Hound of the Vast-Cur VillesFOLKETINGThe Cat Who Ate Danish Modern2OKA
Curious and DeterminedMARK ROTHKOThe Cat Who Saw Red4KOKOC
Dancing TrianglesSHOSTAKOVICHThe Cat Who Played Brahms5OKOR
I Don't Have A ClueDESKTOP PACKAGE TRACKERThe Cat Who Played Post Office6KOKKY
Strange GarnetsOTHELLOThe Cat Who Knew Shakespeare7OOI
SparksNotesKINGS CROSS ST PANCRASThe Cat Who Went Underground9KON
Once is HappenstanceKARAKORAM RANGE The Cat Who Moved a Mountain13KKOG
The Downtown MurdersCOATROOMThe Cat Who Went Into the Closet15OOOS
Please Prove You Are HumanPHOTOSHOOTThe Cat Who Said Cheese18OOOOH
Trickster TalesBIBLIOKLEPTThe Cat Who Tailed a Thief19OKA
Mysterious MechanicsSKYLARKS The Cat Who Sang for the Birds20KKM
Crooked CrossingsBROOK The Cat Who Went Up A Creek24OOKU
The Thin PanALAMOGORDOThe Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell28OOOS