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Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

The Investigation

As usual, Amelia takes things literally when following orders (it's the name of the game for her), but these latest tasks seem a bit suspicious.

An error was corrected at 6:00pm on Friday TIMEMIT: alt text for image 11 has been updated to include the words "compact discs" instead of "cassette discs."

A hand placing a lapel microphone on a cheeseburgerOriginally this task was too splendorous for me, but luckily I had the aid of my [b]pomp partner[/b] (12)
The dorsals of 3 sharks sticking out of the ocean; in the bottom left corner a cursor hovers over the Windows menu buttonRelaxing after finishing this task, my crewmate mentioned he thought I was [b]German. German?[/b] Haven't gotten that one before (7)
A scroll with two lines of text, one crossed out reading It is 86 degrees out and one reading It is warm outsideDuring this task I had to stop by the [b]pharmacy[/b] to pick up some extra supplies (9)
A tongue (which has a dashed outline) slightly overlaps a vault; in the top left a cursor clicks an anticlockwise arrowEvery time I do a task like this, I can't help but think of a [b]Peter Shaffer play[/b] (5)
Two rows of various colored vinyl discs, each of which has a pile of black powder on top of themReally rough time with this one, I had to talk with our [b]government complaints advocate[/b] afterward (9)
A Delta Airlines plane ticket, with a knife carving a blood red lightning boltLOL, one of my crewmates tried to woo me during this task. [b]Romance language[/b] might work on others, but not me! (10)
A small reddish-brown crustacean with several pieces of tape connecting parts of its body (the tape roll also appears below)Early in the task I noticed a suspicious figure watching me, I [b]chased[/b] them but they got away (7)
A man holds a wrench and wears a hard hat; his body is censored; To his right is a weather forecast labeled Out of OrderThis time my crewmate tried to cut corners with his task; he's playing [b]a dangerous game[/b] (7 8)
A silhouette of many faces intently looking at a collection of items in a museum exhibitToday's task made quite the [b]racket; sport[/b]ing a pair of headphones was fortunately a quick fix (6)
An orange fox with a purple bandana holding a rolled-up aux cableExperienced crewmates are often afraid of this task site since supposedly it's "[b]where you'll find an arch[/b]-nemesis" (2 5)
An old iPhone lock screen with compact discs in the place of the four entered digitsRegrettably, my crewmate went missing before he finished this task so we had to bring in a [b]replacement[/b] (10)
Two escutcheons each with a blue tag hanging off them reading $50Sufficient visibility is important for this task, and we hardly had enough [b]daylight[/b] to get through it before nightfall (8)
Aesop's Fables with five circular menu buttons at the bottom; a cursor clicks the button with two arrows pointing to the leftAs a result of our crew size, we had to reserve several [b]CRVs and RAV4s[/b] to bring everyone to the task (4)
Google form named Favorite Character with a kid with a blue cap and red pom selected; a cursor hovers over the enter buttonMeeting up for this task meant we had to travel all the way to [b]a city mentioned in a Beatles song[/b] (6)
A dark red (with black elements) Valve video game logo; to its bottom right is a cloud and an up arrow entering the cloudOther places I've been for tasks have been a bit sketchy, but this one was in an [b]OK city[/b] (5)
A red-haired woman wearing a red outfit and holding a croquet mallet has a ruler vertically to her rightNot gonna lie, I was so tired while doing this task that I couldn't speak, not even with just [b]sounds meaning yes[/b] or no (2 4)
A man is holding a bag of trash and using tongs to grab letters on the ground - these letters are I, A, U, E, and OGenerally this task is pretty boring, but listening to [b]songs on the OCC Top 100[/b] helps it go by very quickly (2 7)
A green soda can contains a flower stem with a pink unbloomed top sticking out of itUsually several [b]high-end[/b] tools are required to complete this type of task (7)
A Cuisinart blending device contains an icon of a calendar with Jul 17 written on itSometimes we have to bring in [b]a highly skilled performer[/b] to get the job done (8)