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Solution to Splinter

Star Rats

by Ben Smith and Mike Nothnagel

The fragments can be reassembled to form clues to phrases that have the same cadence as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Once the clues are reassembled, find the sum of the four numbers following the clue fragments.

Using those sums as indexes into the answer phrases spells ANSWER NOW IS GRUE REPELLENT (which also has the same cadence as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"), so the answer is GRUE REPELLENT.

Initial Clue1st Clue Fragment2nd Clue Fragment3rd Clue FragmentAnswer to Cluesum / indexLetter Extracted
1970s (16)satirical soap opera (-5)starring Louise Lasser as (3)a housewife (-4)Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman10A
Game (4)based on connections (-7)to the star of (11)Footloose (9)Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon17N
2001 (20)Daft Punk song (1)sampled by Kanye West in (-5)a 2007 single (3)"Harder Better Faster Stronger"19S
1993 (10)TV series (-6)that re-used footage from (7)Super Sentai (5)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers16W
1994 (15)Jim Carrey movie (-4)about the search for (-3)a missing dolphin (7)Ace Ventura: Pet Detective15E
Repetitively-named character (2)played by Bob Newhart (-8)in the 1970 film (2)Catch-22 (14)Major Major Major Major10R
1951 (22)host city (0)of the first (12)Pan American Games (-15)Buenos Aires, Argentina19N
1954 (3)musical (8)with a famous (-4)barn-raising sequence (6)Seven Brides for Seven Brothers13O
Principle (13)describing the rate of change (7)of momentum of (-8)an object (4)Newton's Second Law of Motion16W
Institution (12)of higher education (-3)located on (10)Majuro Atoll (2)College of the Marshall Islands21I
Fast-food (9)magnate (6)whose nickname is (-1)a military rank (12)"Colonel" Harland David Sanders26S
Dancing (8)pair (-2)featured in (8)"Top Hat" (1)Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers15G
2000 (5)Ang Lee film (3)featuring dialogue in (-2)Mandarin (8)Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon14R
Complex (11)in Richmond (2)honoring the author of (4)"The Raven" (-2)Edgar Allen Poe Museum15U
1975 (21)Paul Simon song (-10)with lyrics about (13)Stan and Gus (-11)"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"13E
First words (1)spoken in unison (-9)in Act IV of (14)"Macbeth" (15)"Double, double toil and trouble"21R
Territorial units (18)that include (-12)Klatovy, Svitavy, and (1)Znojmo (10)Districts of the Czech Republic17E
1992 (14)R.E.M. album (5)featuring the song (6)"Everybody Hurts" (-6)Automatic for the People19P
Disneyland (24)attraction (11)that inspired (0)a movie franchise (-16)Pirates of the Caribbean19E
West Coast (23)city (-11)at one end of (12)the Golden Gate Bridge (-9)San Francisco, California15L
British (6)sketch series (10)featuring drawings by (5)an American (-7)Monty Python's Flying Circus14L
Recently founded (19)academic division (9)that co-houses (-13)MIT Course 6 (0)Schwarzman College of Computing15E
Title character (7)of a nursery rhyme (4)about a man named (9)for his gourd-based diet (-3)Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater17N
Sports (17)franchise (-1)previously known as (-14)the Seattle SuperSonics (11)Oklahoma City Thunder13T

Authors' Notes

You know what's fun?

Mike and I wrote a puzzle about how you can do that with a lot of phrases. We hope you enjoy it.

Fun fact: these can also be read to the tune of "glory glory hallelujah" from the Battle Hymn of the Republic.