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Solution to Sometime After Midnight

The Ministry

by Maree Cassidy
Art by Justin Ladia

Solvers are presented with 28 book covers (in four rows of 7) with the author and title removed, and an additional object superimposed over each image. This is followed by 14 strings of characters in which the letters are in alphabet order.

Upon identifying the book titles, solvers will notice they are in alphabetic order, and the superimposed items are various fairy tale characters and items which can be paired together. Additionally, each title either directly or indirectly references a color.

The titles, items and colors are:

Book TitleFairytale ElementColor
1A Clockwork OrangeGolden EggOrange
2Brown Lord of the MountainsGingerbread HouseBrown
3Brown Owl's Guide to LifeThe BeastBrown
4Chocolate GirlsSpinning Wheel and hayBrown
5Get a Life, Chloe BrownWolfBrown
6GhostgirlBelle (Beauty)White
8Gus was a Friendly GhostSnow WhiteWhite
9How Green was my valleyBeanstalkGreen
10I am Brown3 BearsBrown
11Nighty Night, Little Green MonsterPeaGreen
12On a Pale HorseGooseWhite
13On the Golden PorchPussycatYellow
14Rose CottageHansel & GretelRed
15Spinning SilverGlass SlipperSlate
16The Black DahliaCowBlack
17The GoldfinchRapunzelYellow
18The Picture of Dorian GrayOwlSlate
19The Scarlet PimpernelRed Riding HoodRed
20The Silver BoughMagic MirrorSlate
21The Silver ChairSeven DwarfsSlate
22The Silvered SerpentsTowerSlate
23The Tin FluteKnight (St George)Slate
24The Witch of Blackbird PondEvil Step-motherBlack
25The Yellow RoomGoldYellow
26Vampires in the Lemon GroveGoldilocksYellow
27White ChrysanthemumCinderellaWhite
28White Truffles in WinterDragonWhite

Pairing the book titles together based on the fairy tale items, and arranging the letters each pair of book titles in alphabetical order will match one of the 14 strings. This gives a pair of colors.

StringFairy Tale item 1Fairy Tale item 2Title 1Title2Color& Wire comboLetter
AAAACCEEEGHKKLLNNOOOOOPRRRSWGooseGolden EggOn a Pale HorseA Clockwork OrangeWhite/OrangeB
AAACDEEEFGGHHHIIILLNORRRSSSSTTUVWYSnow WhiteSeven DwarfsGus was a Friendly GhostThe Silver ChairWhite/SlateE
BDEEFGGGHIIILLLNOOOORRSSTTUWWBelle (Beauty)The BeastGhostgirlBrown Owl's Guide to LifeWhite/BrownD
AACCDDEEEEFGGHHHIILNNNOOOOOPPRRRRTTTUYPussycatOwlOn the Golden PorchThe Picture of Dorian GrayYellow/SlateT
AABCCEEEEEEEFGHHIILLLLMNNOOPPRRRSTTTWRed Riding HoodWolfThe Scarlet PimpernelGet a Life, Chloe BrownRed/BrownI
AAAAABCDEEEEGHHHIKLLLLMNORSTVWWYYJack and CowBeanstalkThe Black DahliaHow Green was my valleyBlack/GreenM
EEEEEFFFHHIIIILLNNNRRSTTTTTTUUWWKnight(St George)DragonWhite Truffles in WinterThe Tin FluteWhite/SlateE
AABEEEEGHIIILMMMNNNOOOPRRRSTVVWGoldilocks3 BearsVampires in the Lemon GroveI am BrownYellow/BrownS
CDDEEEEEEFGHHHIILLNNOPRRSSSTTTVRapunzelTowerThe GoldfinchThe Silvered SerpentsYellow/SlateT
ABBBCCDDEEEFGHHHHIIIKLLNOOOPRRSTTTUVWPinnochioJiminy CricketThe Witch of Blackbird PondThe Silver BoughBlack/SlateO
DEEEEGGGGHHIIILLLMNNNNOORRSTTTTTYPrincess (on mattresses)PeaGoldNighty Night, Little Green MonsterYellow/GreenR
AABCDEEEFGHILMNNNOOOOOORRRSSTTTTUWHansel & GretelGingerbread HouseRose CottageBrown Lord of the MountainsRed/BrownI
ACEEEGHHHIIIILMMNNNNPRRSSSTTUVWYCinderellaGlass SlipperWhite ChrysanthemumSpinning SilverWhite/SlateE
ACCEEEGHHILLLLMOOOOORRSTTWYGoldSpinning Wheel and hayThe Yellow RoomChocolate GirlsYellow/BrownS

The flavor text references twisted wires and the pairs match a code that uses the colors to identify 25 combinations of pairs of twisted wires:

Using this code with the color pairs spells out the final answer BEDTIME STORIES.