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Something Command

The Quest Coast

The wizard tried to remember what she needed to finish her foe, but couldn't quite think of it.

In each puzzle below, start on your precombat main phase and win on that turn while completing a condition (with the exception indicated below). You have no cards in your library or graveyard, and your opponent has no cards in their hand, library, or graveyard. Each condition will be completed exactly once.

There are no silver-bordered cards in this puzzle other than ones explicitly pictured. In addition, all cards are in English.

All counters on creatures are +1/+1 counters. All counters on planeswalkers are loyalty counters.

Incomplete cards are reconstructed with the newest border. This is not indicative of what border they had before.


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Opponent's Life: 10, Your Life: 1
Your Hand

Puzzle 5

Opponent's Life: 19, Your Life: 1

Puzzle 6

Puzzle 7