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Rack ’em Up

Lake Eerie

An error was corrected at 2:45 PM on Saturday TIMEMIT. The clue “Unity, Unreal, and Godot (2 words)” has been amended to “Unity, Unreal, or Godot (2 words)”.

"What can I say?" said the head torturer in the torture chamber. "I love my work."

Setting 1Setting 2Setting 3Setting 4
Small rock in spaceĈi tiu lingvo4/4, in music (2 words)The beast in the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt (2 words)
Spanish coins, onceCosmic beings created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (2 words)AdvocatesCambridge, Massachusetts and Tsukuba, Japan, for example (2 words)
FortressesAn alpAward-winning children's book by Jerry Spinelli (2 words)City named for a president before he became president (2 words)
One who legally allows others to use a patent or piece of intellectual propertyEquipment for hams (2 words)Digitally encoded signals being sent or received (2 words)Demanded that the troops fall back from the fighting (3 words)
Attractive, in a wayThey might be hand-washedDustin Hoffman thriller (2 words)Graduation ceremony
Important people in a restaurant's front of house (2 words)Becomes friendly again, after an argumentFood poisoning causeIt's frequently written on an envelope (2 words)
Sewer access pointsMysterious and puzzlingHighways and such, generally maintained by local authorities (2 words)One filing stories from the field? (2 words)
A greater number (2 words)Some large bank transactions (2 words)It might accompany a forecast (2 words)Pop singer on a Disney sitcom (2 words)
Strongly disapproving responsesCertain basic geometry measurementsPre-football game events, sometimes (2 words)Soft drink named for the plant it used to be made from
2016 Adam Driver movieRosencrantz and Guildenstern, e.g.Relating to the logical discussion of ideasSong title for .38 Special and Rockpile (2 words)
Confections of pecans, sugar, and creamSmith was an influential oneSupporting actress in Justice League (2 words)Underwater polyps (2 words)
Reserve of funds for a politician (2 words)Things with wingsWhere you can get lemons and oranges (2 words)Unity, Unreal, or Godot (2 words)