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Proof by Induction

New You City

Cleveland is home to many rockstar developers.

I was born by the river, in a little tent
Put it into my heart
It's been a long time comin', but I know
Heart is understanding, courage, compassion
Let there be a change of heart

You're making not a sound
Love is a blessing
Worry is my gently nagging kinsman
While my heart ain't gone
Let my heart be without worry
Let that be with love

Let me be that with you, you, you

A fish was made to swim in the ocean
A boat was made to sail on the sea
My dreams were so real
Let them be of a fish without a boat
Let me be with my dreams of you

__________ was too large for the shelf
It was taller by half than the old man himself
Let The Lord be there with me

Peace is satisfaction. Heartfelt moments, relaxed sighs, waterfalls cascading noiselessly
Put the song of the Lord into my heart
Let it be of peace
Turn them up
Let Grandfather be with Him
Whisper it
  • GC
  • TSIE
  • TWIA
__________ have changed
An alternative is a different meaning
Let it be of yesterday
Our love is changed
__________, but
Let it be with an alternative

If your love ain't gone
Let it be with your love, our love
My life was loneliness
Put my life without Loving You in gloom

Restriction is a basic inability, with expensive ambiguity. Stops forward motion
That's not a street you can walk
Society Asks __________?
He's not ashamed to lose
There is hope for future generations
Let them be without what, Society Asks
Let that be without restriction
Put that over there in rooms

This House is just a place
Let it be __________
Build them up, up
Turn them up
Whisper them
  • 7OG
  • AYME
  • WIAM
  • YD
  • YLIA
All I Know is it's so doggone good

__________ for you
Put it in my heart
Shatter it
That's how it must be to live
Let it be __________
Let that be of my heart

__________ that matters at all
It was plain to see, you were my destiny
I said I'd get over you, baby
Let love be with you
Break it down

The freeway's jam-packed. We ain't goin' nowhere!
The perfume is a stinky pungent exaggeration. Cement 'n' blacktop
Put the __________ in the mirror
Turn it around
Let This Girl be over it

You're still a flower, baby girl
There's a woman right next to you
Put All I Know of you, sisters in my soul
Let that be with This Girl of my soul over there
Turn it around

__________ like exactly what it is
__________ steady like we see the light
While steady ___________(Gonna Turn Me Around)_
Join steady in harmony
Cast them into the water
___________(From Yesterday's Kiss)_
Put it in steady

Let that be with the water
Let it be with the perfume of a rose
Turn it around
Whisper it
  • AN
  • FOL
  • P
  • RS
  • TTIG
  • UYWG
  • WY
My song says __________
There's a train a-comin'
Let it be of my song
Put it into my heart

Freedom is self-evident, unalienable
Justice is blind
Equality is three hundred years overdue
Let it be of freedom, justice, and equality

If there ain't freedom
Shatter my heart

If there ain't justice
Let us be something of my heart
Hope is our foundation. Permanent and solid, enduring
Build it up
Let us be of hope
Turn it up

If there ain't equality
My strength is a force to be reckoned with
We're gonna __________
Put it with my strength into our souls

Delay was never ours
Knock it down
Shout this without delay with us, our souls
  • KOP
  • PGR
  • SMMW
  • TIMC
Rock That Thang like a fox
Put the heat of you with that into your hand

Carefree is easy
Let yourself be carefree
___________(Rock Don't Stop)_
If my place ain't wrong
Let it be without That Thang, That Thang
Let my place be of everything
Put your hand in mine
Let it be without my place

__________ in the barnyard
Let mine be with it

The sheets are aquamarine. Faded
This Old Heart's broken 'n' worn
Let it be __________
Build it up

__________ ___________(Is Weak for You)_
  • BTS
  • EIA
  • IADN
  • PTT
  • S
  • THIO
A girl is tremendous
A woman is formidable
So are their dreams
If it's nothing without a woman or a girl
Say It Isn't So

Last is empowering
A piece is saying goodbye
Put something with love into my life
Let this be a change between the blues
Turn it around

Put ___________(Call My Name)_ in your phonebook
Rock your dial with it
Put it __________ into my heart
Put a __________ into your song
Let them be without your song, and so

Our story is beginning! Hallelujah!
__________ is gone
Let it be without our story
Let the end be that without this
Feeling is honest, come my new day
Shout the end of yesterday with feeling
  • 8
  • AL
  • POMH
  • YM
Everything's gonna be all right
The __________, the weather is sweet
Let it be what of it

There was a __________ in the heart of America
Running is a way
__________ is a humble vessel
Let it be over running
let them be with the sun

The highly are humble
The lowly are just the same
Let Him be with the highly, the lowly, the highly, the lowly
Put my cup with Him into Jah

__________ a good, good, good, good man
Let Jah be with him
Let love be everything of Jah

Fear is a harsh sister
Everything is not without sadness. The adventurer travels far afield; chants hallelujah with gratitude
Let it be without fear

Let there be love over everything
Turn it around
Shout it
  • BS
  • JIM
  • JW
  • MC
  • SIS
  • WNP
Here's the deal:
Knock them down
___________(Since I've Found You)_
Let them be with everybody
Put the hurt of this into me

The time was so long, but now
You're gonna be in trouble
Let me be over it
Let me be without loneliness

Summer's too long
My heart is burning. This _(Love Is Like a)___________
The moon is high. Shiny, luminous ball; milk-white
If summer's here and the time is right,
We're __________

__________ it over my heart
Let them be over the moon
Let me be without them
Turn them around

Rock ___________(Don't Come Knocking Everyday)_
Rock a love like _(There's)___________
Unite a love with happiness
Cast it into my dreams

Say it with me
  • ALLY
  • DITS
  • ET
  • HIG
  • HW
  • LTDB
  • MBB
  • THIO
Warm is your gentle touch
Perhaps ___________(In His Heart for Me)_?
Let the wisdom be perhaps with you

We're happy holding hands
Let the beginning be we of love

Time is power
Put __________ in chains

Mama said it's a game of give and take
Put her in your thoughts
___________(This Thing Called Love)_
Easy is saying Hello Stranger
My world was revealed
Here's to happiness and health!

Let me be here with you, and your thoughts
You're not there, and the lonely cry fades in the air

If love ain't easy
Happiness is eluding me
Let it be of my world
Let me be over this, love
Put me in love

Put _(Don't Break These)___________ in my heart
Let my heart be over Loving You

Pain is our lopsidedness. Living is many kinds of feelings
My words were never mine alone
Let the end be her without pain, my heart

Let tomorrow be __________
Turn it down
Shout it
  • COL
  • ITAP
  • TITS
  • TWOT
Hate's goin' 'round breaking many hearts
Let me be love without hate

That's why I'll always be around
__________, where ever you are
Let me be with you, my love
Put that in your heart

My heart is on the wild
That's why we made it through the years
Let my heart be with her
Each Beat is a new soothing, lilting descant. Twinkling star of evening
You're so ___________(Everything's Alright)_

Freedom is coming
If freedom ain't right
She's lovely, isn't she?
Let freedom be __________
Turn it around

A song is strong in my soul
Put freedom __________

If my heart is as big __________ your heart
Let me be with you, my love, my heart
Let your heart be with that
Let me be with your heart
Say it
  • A
  • IW
  • U
Our dreams are resplendent vermilion, gleaming warmly
Thought is a path, not a destination
Reality is a tenacious, steadfast matter
The earth is solid
The oceans are transparent
My forge is a foundation
Our love is strong. True
Let it be of the earth
Burn it

Until our dreams are reality,
The cosmos is mysterious
Rock it
Roll it
Listen to your heart
If it's empty,
Break it down

Split it with silence of thought
While your heart is as big as the oceans
Roll your heart into your soul
Roll your heart into your voice
Let your soul be with your voice
Burn your soul with my forge
Cast your soul into the flames
Rock the cosmos with it

Build our dreams up
Unite the cosmos with our love
Whisper it