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Pretty Good Chemistry


What looks like true love (the Fifth Element) may just be a means of forming a connection. But the eight resulting relationships (********, **********, ******, *********** ****, **********, ******, ***** ****, and *********) will be very vital, and pretty good, too.

An error was corrected at 7:01 PM on Saturday TIMEMIT:
The diagram in row 7, column 5 was updated so that both ends of the fork in the upper-right corner end in an “O” (not just the right branch of the fork).

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Omitted (even when attached to a heteroatom)
Shown as an unlabeled vertex Shown Shown
Shown Shown

[See original puzzle for table of images]

Pieces of formulas are read left to right in the usual manner; they do not rotate, and they stay in the plane.