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Peter Pan

The Investigation

In Neverland, no one has to grow up, as ten grid entries demonstrate. Clues for exactly half of the remaining entries each contain one word that's also a little stunted.


  1. Mom danced drunkenly around before being taken hold of
  2. Spout off about profile ultimately getting five online "likes"
  3. Bum that's a pain in the neck aggravated trio, e.g.
  4. Tear geode apart, more or less (3 wds.)
  5. Half shrieked, flipping over crafty hockey maneuver
  6. At university, wine's flowing – not too smart
  7. Commotion in 50% of each Minneapolis suburb
  8. Materials used for coding even components of Trans Ams
  9. Taking care of obtaining slightly tight gag for a grandchild, perhaps
  10. Those troublesome shared values
  11. Redo thorniest audio book financed by its writer (2 wds.)
  12. Craftsmen duplicated matte finish (2 wds.)
  13. Sod alternative is cheat, we say oddly (2 wds.)
  14. Contrary, obnoxious twerp's quite a handful, to say the least
  15. Agitator stripped, excited for fight (3 wds.)
  16. Paid to see a car savagely eaten by foremost of dinosaurs (var.)
  17. Casually give up flat-bottomed boat
  18. Foreign bard composed piece for a violin or cello
  19. Tarry by a Spanish beach
  20. English king's decapitated, finery torn asunder in hell (2 wds.)
  21. Plan for a vacation in debauched harem site


  1. Like Socrates, Darwin and Marx, live with terrible dread
  2. Ape scratching head at Senator Cruz getting elected
  3. What's Chi McBride's debut poem?
  4. Video game console sporting active, vibrant colors
  5. Tossing gamiest cod in stockroom away, favoring those that aren't so old
  6. Chad's neighbor's silly grin having a flan for entree
  7. Mad epeeist's somewhat hard to understand
  8. True motivation for crime
  9. Clearing out monstrous, giant cave almost
  10. Strenuously study train carrying timber primarily for tax to be levied on freight (2 wds.)
  11. Criminal stole tire; there's more than one way to get rich
  12. Not so good to return about quarter of cash in a third-party account
  13. Novel ad featuring new gym (almost new) is harmless
  14. Playing a role, not getting close to wage for soothing agent
  15. Liqueur that's "sludge" and "toilette water" in one's mouth
  16. Ami's aunt swallows provided bit of laudanum intended to combat disease
  17. Extremists getting upset at slur
  18. To weaken through constant harrassment, regularly rant at artist
  19. Magus shredded old Roman cloak
  20. Peg describes color, ignoring last of men with a giggle
  21. Low-budget film climaxes in, yet again, lurid jacuzzi scene
  22. The author's sitting in unnecessary extra automobile
  23. Cut down the usual firs in England
12 3 4 5 6 78
9 10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17
18 19 20 21
2223 24
26 27 28 29
30 31 3233 34
35 36 37
39 40