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Solution to On Second Thought

Reference Point

by Foggy Brume

First start by noting that the locations (all of which are fake cities) have an acrostic: CATEGORY CLUES PICS ENUMERATION.

Each category has been replaced with a certain number of stars. In presentation order, the pics are: EWE SWAN HUNT RED PURSE ENT GO LIN WAR DINN DECK SING AWL TEX.

Phonetically, this produces "Use 100% goal in word indexing all text."

Determine the 100% goal. Each is an even number of digits, and each bigram is a number from 1 to 50. Index into the title and description combined to get a series of clues. Each can be answered with a phrase with the initials P.S. (which is also a second thought).

Project 100% Goal Clue P.S.
Alien Worlds Transponder Receiver Set 33342116 Tune with multiple voices PART SONG
Anna Tomy: A Doll for Medical Students 13502644 Grey's Riders of the PURPLE SAGE
Call of Cthulhu Nesting Dolls 13080536 They make dolls talk PULL STRINGS
Celebrity Body Pillows 112215 Nicholas for children PATRON SAINT
Danny Trejo Skin Cream Pack 32251304 Small, like ice cream? PINT-SIZED
The Elements of Music 21310802 Rock for changing elements PHILOSOPHER'S STONE
The Empress's New Undergarments 142434 Drain clearing wire PLUMBER'S SNAKE
Flyer Dryers 15252605 Bouncy Way To Travel POGO STICK
Giant Porcupine Quill 17032025 Nettie Quill was one PADDLE STEAMER
Richie Rich Change Purse 28032707 Important change in thinking PARADIGM SHIFT
Smart USB-enabled Breakfast Warmer Topper 1705 Bagel topper POPPY SEED
Square One TV Revival 201305 symbol for addition PLUS SIGN
Traveling Board Game Case 19252204 who's the father case PATERNITY SUIT
YiffQuest 31072235 Watching friend's animal companion PET SITTING
The questions at the bottom can be answered by changing one letter in the phrase.
Clue Phrase P? S?
...could this dislocate my elbow? PLUMBER'S SHAKE N->H
...does this remind me of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game?" PARK SONG T->K
...does this tablet come with the required cords? PILL STRINGS U->I there an indicator of where to charge it? PLUG SIGN S->G this as big as a tree? PINE-SIZED T->E this colorfast (for a specific color)? PURPLE SAFE G->F this generally religious? PATTON SAINT R->T this made from African wood? TOGO STICK P->T this somewhere that I can collect my thoughts? PHILOSOPHER'S STORE N->R
...what is my favorite place to be? PET SETTING I->E
...who can predict how catchy this will sound? POPPY SEER D->R
...will this let my beliefs come out on top? PARADIGM SHIRT F->R
...will this let my dad and I play together? PATERNITY SKIT U->K
...will this vaporize urine stains? PIDDLE STEAMER A->I

The days remaining are 1-7 twice, with the P-changes constituting one set of 1-7, and S-changes constituting the other set. In Days remaining order, the original letters from the P-word of the phrase spell STARTUP and the original letters from the S-word of the phrase spell FUNDING.