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On Second Thought

Reference Point
Image 1

Alien Worlds Transponder Receiver Set

Are we alone in this universe? Not according to the voices in my head! Despite multiple setbacks by the "government," this transponder will have skeptics changing their tune with what's really out there in the dark reaches of space.

$8,335,529 pledged

25% funded

5 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Calgary, Armenia

Image 2

Anna Tomy: A Doll for Medical Students

As seen on the show Grey's Anatomy! This special learning toy allows students to learn about every system of the human body. (Note: For those backers with certain sensitivities, they can get a modified mannequin without the reproductive system by completing special riders.)

$20,253,966 pledged

150% funded

7 days remaining

Category: ★★★★

Trenton, Egypt

Image 3

Call of Cthulhu Nesting Dolls

This will make your friends jealous as they stare in fear while you open each Elder God to reveal the next, ending with Cthulhu and the end of the universe! Talk about the apocalypse!

$55,592,278 pledged

425% funded

6 days remaining

Category: ★★★★

Galveston, Oregon

Image 4

Celebrity Body Pillows

Want to snuggle up to Toks Olagundoye? Nicholas Gonzalez? Do your children want to snuggle up to Snuffleupagus? For a very reasonable pledge, you too...

$134,658 pledged

120% funded

4 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Redstown, Yukon

Image 5

Danny Trejo Skin Cream Pack

Now you too can be cool as ice with this revolutionary moisturizer that will give you the facial complexion like the Machete man himself. Available in small and medium containers.

$8,062,826 pledged

25% funded

2 days remaining

Category: ★★★★★

Crawfish, Louisiana

Image 6

The Elements of Music

In this constantly changing landscape of on-line musical sensations, our gurus of soul, rap, emo, and rock can help you discover what you have a talent for.

$53,277,005 pledged

250% funded

3 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Unitas, Ecuador

Image 7

The Empress's New Undergarments

Does shopping for lingerie, bloomers, and other assorted undergarments drain your energy and your wallet? Whether you are just clearing out your armoire or need a bra without a wire, we're here to help you.

$1,068,255 pledged

750% funded

6 days remaining

Category: ★★

South Pacific

Image 8

Flyer Dryers

When you travel around the country, are you frustrated with how your bouncy hair goes flat and frizzled? Now there's a new way to make your hair amazing.

$9,151,563 pledged

60% funded

7 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Innsbruck, California

Image 9

Giant Porcupine Quill

When I was just a wee lad, I had a pet porcupine named Nettie and she was the best pet ever. One day, I found a giant...

$681,281 pledged

4% funded

3 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Somewhere Else

Image 10

Richie Rich Change Purse

We were thinking just the other day about how neat it would be to have a small clutch to put billion-dollar coins in. Important: We haven't actually secured the copyright for this, but we're sure we'll get it.

$56,065,414 pledged

200% funded

1 days remaining

Category: ★★★★

Nowhere, Utah

Image 11

Smart USB-enabled Breakfast Warmer Topper

Are you sure your flapjacks are still piping hot? Is that bagel really going to be warm and tasty when you try it? The cloche will tell you the ambient temperature of your dish, play music, and let you know the weather in Indonesia.

$5,797 pledged

340% funded

4 days remaining

Category: ★★★★

Mytown, Earth

Image 12

Square One TV Revival

Addition? Multiplication? Corny sketches? We've got it all. For years, Square One TV was a symbol of excellence in public television.

$40,261 pledged

20% funded

1 days remaining

Category: ★★★★

Richmond, Algeria

Image 13

Traveling Board Game Case

Want to play a quick game of Scrabble with Mother? A rousing round of Who's Who with Father? This is the accessory for you.

$72,195,765 pledged

375% funded

2 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Tirana, Italy

Image 14


Imagine the surprise on your friends' faces when you invite them to play this new set collection card game involving animal costumes at a Furry Convention. Comes with a "Watching Rodney Play This" companion video.

$24,857,788 pledged

80% funded

5 days remaining

Category: ★★★

Orem, Nevada

On Second Thought...

  • ...could this dislocate my elbow?
  • ...does this remind me of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game?"
  • ...does this tablet come with the required cords?
  • there an indicator of where to charge it?
  • this as big as a tree?
  • this colorfast (for a specific color)?
  • this generally religious?
  • this made from African wood?
  • this somewhere that I can collect my thoughts?
  • ...what is my favorite place to be?
  • ...who can predict how catchy this will sound?
  • ...will this let my beliefs come out on top?
  • ...will this let my dad and I play together?
  • ...will this vaporize urine stains?