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Mysterious Mechanics


They were up to their usual capers.

These eleven clever people are gathered at one end of old man Eastman's well-decorated Lobby, trying to figure out how to fix his vintage automobile.

They've got a good ear for engine problems, but are not quite as good at keeping track of what repairs they've tried.

>>>Attempt number<<<Attempted repair leading to engine noiseResulting engine noise had something acoustically in common with
1 of 9 (for Mr. Boddy, anyway)Connected the bottom of the 27-ball-bearing assemblage to the reflector that was new less than thirty days ago.BLOOP!
0.00729735Connected the lowest point of the lower radiator to the reflector with the automobile name on it.CLUNK!
5 out of 123456789Connected the central generator coil to the middle of the top small crossbar. HOWL!
2 out of 2Connected the rusty reflector to the blue water holder.KNOCK!
144Connected the round weight on the timing apparatus to the shiniest round reflector.PLOP!
1 of 4 (and by far the weakest!)Connected the right end of the generator shaft to the center of the 27-ball-bearing assemblage.SNAP!
I already told you that.Connected the middle of the bottom of the glass to the thin glass tube.SPLAT!
Just ask someone — they'll tell you immediately.Connected the gap the spark crosses to the center of the radio receiver.SQUEAK!
10 10thsConnected the gap in the radio receiver to the tail end of the thing with the tail lights.VROOM!
85 out of 118Connected the core of the central gas reservoir to the leftmost wheel on the generator.YAHOO!
Sorry, I can't really tell one from another.Connected the top of the 27-ball-bearing assemblage to the top of the glass.ZOOM!