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My Son, The Science Fiction Fan


Allan S wrote many, many songs, not all of which were about eight foot two, solid blue Martians.

Hello parents! I just saw some
Sci and tech tales; they were awesome!
And — Oh Boy! — folks had such neat themes
For the stories that they wrote! (A few repeat themes.)

LA’s pitcher wrote Rock Test Type. (6)
"Grass Harp"'s author? Buzzing Pest Type. (3)
Hickok’s pal? T-Mobile G1s. (6)
Holmes's scribe? Swabbed Line Of Organisms (Wee Ones). (6)
One in labor wrote Zip Slacks Have. (3)
John, in space? The Shell Squids' Backs Have. (3)
Lyndon's rival? Run When Gearless. (6)
The Premier then? Gizmo Full Of Suds (But Beerless). (7 7)
Houseboat’s star wrote Sleepers See ’Em. (6)
Foxfire's Jim? A Car From GM. (9)
"First Fig"'s poet? Porcine Dwelling. (3)
That "Vast Wasteland" guy? A Force That Is Compelling. (7)
Rose Lee's boss wrote Rainbow’s Meaning. (5)
And that Post scribe? Oak A-Greening. (4)
George Gipp's coach? A Home A Gopher's Made. (4)
That Blue Skies dancer? Long-Waved Shade. (3)
Firebird's maker wrote A Triode Valve's Encore. (4 5)
And Giant's Leslie? Big Oz Store. (4)
The rocket maker? Heart. (4)
The judge? Charged Bits That Dart. (11)

Good Advice: If you should be bored,
Face the four rows of your keyboard.
They form columns — which, you'll notice,
Match ten tales of old folks (one is Mr. Otis);
Type the key to match each rhyme-line.
(Twenty authors give your timeline.)
Here's your subject, if you try it:
Some strange substance that would complement my diet!