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Solution to Make Way for Ducklings

The Ministry

by Foggy Brume
Art by Joe Cabrera

Get your ducks in a row to form clues by taking each baby duck and rearranging its letters behind one of the mother duck's letters (e.g., S+CEGOOR gives SCROOGE).

The answer to each clue rhymes with "quack" and starts J through Q. The ducks in the Make Way for Ducklings statue on the Boston Common are named, in order, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack. Take the word in the clue that corresponds with the first letter of the answer. Read the first letters of these words to get AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

S_ M_ a_ f_ D_ a_ D_ D_ScroogeMcDuck'saviatorfromDuckTalesandDarkwingDuckLAUNCHPAD MCQUACK
R_ o_ t_ u_ h_ t_ t_ p_RescueoperationthatuseshelicopterstotransportpatientsMEDEVAC
B_ T_ S_ a_ V_ R_ p_ h_BothTellySavalasandVingRhamesplayedhimKOJAK
W_ v_ o_ O_ W_ m_ t_ m_WidespreadvarietyofOldWorldmonkeythat'smedium-sizedMACAQUE
A_ r_ c_ k_ f_ B_ O_ a_AustralianrestaurantchainknownforBloomin'OnionappetizersOUTBACK
E_ i_ P_ f_ a_ s_ g_ s_EarlyinnovativePixarfilmaboutsnowglobesnowmanKNICK KNACK
B_ w_ t_ m_ l_ o_ y_ v_BringwaytoomuchluggageonyourvacationOVERPACK
G_ P_ B_, S_ A_, a_ T_ s_GrossePointeBlankSayAnythingandTapeheadsstarJOHN CUSACK
M_ B_ r_ o_ t_ c_ B_ s_MiltonBerleroleonthecampyBatmanseriesLOUIE, THE LILAC
M_ i_ t_ o_ m_ b_ a_ W_MedicineintitleofmemoirbyauthorWurtzelPROZAC
P_ H_, C_ u_ k_ f_ p_ p_PrivateHamdenConnecticutuniversityknownforpoliticalpollingQUINNIPIAC
T_ b_ o_ s_ w_ h_ h_ s_TeethbuilduporspecialwallhanginghonoringsomethingPLAQUE
F_ t_ A_ o_ Y_ i_ t_ g_FindtheAmuletofYendorinthisgameNETHACK