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Solution to Mae Has Amigos


by Kevin Wald

Each clue in the first set clues the name of a puzzle from a previous Mystery Hunt that involved a crossword with an entry at 56 Across. (Other such entries from past puzzles are MAE, HAS, and AMIGOS.)

Each clue in the second set clues a (usually fanciful) term that is one of those 56 Across entries with a letter added at the start and end; these terms are in alphabetical order. Matching these up we have (in the first-set order):

Column 1 clueClued puzzle nameYear56 Across entryColumn 2 clueClued phraseAdded letters
Singing or hosting talk shows, for Dinah (1 5 5)A Shore Thing2000NEROAn individual instance of decay (3 3)ONE ROTOT
What toroidal stockings keep doing (7 2 7) [The earlier one.]Running in Circles [specifically, the earlier of the two puzzles with this name]2004SNNFig. shown on a portal from Gates's co. (3 2.)MSN NO.MO
Drunk on a wheelless conveyance (14)Sledgehammered2014SCREAM ATWhere RingCentral Coliseum visitors use a card to get dairy products (1'1 5 3)A'S CREAM ATMAM
Lone instance of St. Thomas scoring in rugby (3 4 3)One More Try2011EROEquip with another marsupial (5)REROORO
GAVE FIZZY AX WEIGHTS, say (... 5 3 4 6 6)... fixes the wavy zigzag jumble2013THE"And the thocht baith brings the licht to my e'e." (1' 4)O' THEMOM
Financial instrument signed "Carolyn Gold Heilbrun" (5-5)Cross-Check2000ABLEGarland as awesome as the Beatles (3 3)FAB LEIFI
That whip with a little flammable cord sticking out (3 6 5)The Wicked Switch2012ZENRobert Graves sequel set over 43 decades later (1, 4)I, ZENOIO
Occasions when ἀνθρώπω occurs as ἄνθρωπος, say (4 13)Dual Singularities2009OREJovian who umps over the moon? (2 3)IO REFIF
The theory of functions important to android operation (4 8)Data Analysis2006SOLSicilia, per esempio (5)ISOLAIA
Term uttered by someone smoothing concrete angrily (8 9)Floating Crossword2015TANReeked (5)STANKSK
You cannot spell "ill" as "il" or "ll" (3 3 2 5 3'1 3)Two Out of Three Ain't Bad2007TENOREgyptian sphere representing the solar disc (4 3)ATEN ORBAB
Collection of insults (8)Disarray2006EASTThe Undiscovered Banquet (5 1)FEAST XFX
Encyclopedia layout that leaves no room for "Crooning" (6 7 14)Crimes Against Cruciverbalism2016LEDALentils flavored with top-fermented malt (3 3)ALE DALAL
Would you like some Roman spelt from Rebec in "Planet of the Daleks"? (3 3?)How Far?2016ACLUIcky-poo affection for an Apple computer (3 3) MAC LUVMV
Figure seen twice above (2)141994WANT INPortmanteauish gin or vodka cocktail invented by Rheon of Misfits (8)IWANTINIII
Things a stooge finds cozy about the underworld (8 11)Creature Discomforts2007EDINAWas the best at HAL-like tech (3 2 2)LED IN AILI
Occurrences when actress/writer Mary Kay makes Jell-O (5 8)Place Settings2019ALUMSPutting hundreds of transistors on chips between Korea and China (4 3)YALU MSIYI

The added letters at the start and end spell out two clues employing Roman numerals:

OMAR OF II IS A FAMILYSYOmar Sy was in the movie Two is a Family.
TOMOMI OF AKBXLVIIIITANOTomomi Itano was in the band AKB48.

The "specific location" is 56 Across, which in old Italy (that is, in Roman numerals) would be LVI ACROSS.

Removing the "heart" (middle letter) and separating these two people with it gives:


so the answer is SYLVIA ROSSITANO.