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Solution to Kid Start-up

The Ministry

by Eric Berlin and Lea Berlin
Art by Lea Berlin

The logos of three companies are mashed together into each image. The three companies share a single letter in common. (The industries are provided only as a guide.) The common letters spell RECORDANT.

Letter SharedCompany 1Company 2Company 3
RMICROSOFT (Software / Computer Technology)CHEVRON (Energy)TARGET (Consumer Goods)
ETESLA (Automotive)ESPN (Cable Television)CHANEL (Luxury Goods)
CCRUNCHYROLL (Video Streaming)SQUARESPACE (Website Hosting)CISCO (Computer Technology)
OBASKIN ROBBINS (Food & Drink)BOEING (Aerospace)XEROX (Document Services)
RMOTOROLA (Telecommunications)DROPBOX (Cloud Services)MASTERCARD (Financial Services)
DHYUNDAI (Automotive)DELTA (Travel)GOOGLE DRIVE (Cloud Services)
AADIDAS (Sportswear)ADOBE (Computer Software)CHASE (Financial Services)
NINTEL (Computer Technology)NVIDIA (Computer Technology)SOUNDCLOUD (Audio Streaming)
TSPOTIFY (Audo Streaming)ALTRIA (Tobacco)MONSTER (Food & Drink)