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How To Require Some More Assembly (Picture Puzzle 3)



  • Provides remuneration to
  • Belonging to that woman
  • A resident of Albany or thereabouts, to a Manhattanite
  • Peniston of "In Love with a DJ"
  • Father of octuplets Anoop, Poonam, Sandeep, Sashi, Priya, Gheet, Uma and Nabendu
  • Cab Calloway's "Hotcha -Ma-Tazz"
  • Indian dish of seasoned yogurt
  • Pointing toward with, e.g., a loaded crossbow (2 wds.)
  • Desktop device like an Inspiron, Optiplex or Vostro (2 wds.)
  • The end of one's finger or thumb
  • "The ", by The Lonely Island and Nicki Minaj
  • Listen, as to a herald angel
  • They can clean up in a classroom
  • Skirts worn at the Kirov
  • What the subject of a certain Magritte painting is not (2 wds.)
  • "Ain't that the truth!"
  • Dances like Chubby Checker
  • Yoga pose such as lotus or crane
  • Stretched out in a La-Z-Boy, maybe
  • "Don't me, bro!"
  • Frolic around playfully
  • Hoodwink, or (briefly) make a copy of
  • Keen; gung-ho
  • Use a Juul, Vuse, or Blu
  • Swears like a sailor
  • Richard of Breathless and The Cotton Club
  • A wholesaler, or person who does casual or occasional work
  • Sticky, sappy, piney stuff
  • Heptathlete Qeramixhi
  • Sound effect accompanying a magical disappearance
  • Over 200 compositions by Bach
  • Bygone "zomething different" alcopop
  • A source of useful info and instructions (2 wds.)
  • Lake whose islands include Taquile and Amantani


  1. Given that; per se; that being the crux (2 wds.)
    One, like Radar O'Reilly, who just outranks a Pfc.
    Stopped standing
  2. Arid, like the Negev or El Djouf
    Emulate a basset, but not a basenji
    Princess toward whom Zeus's attentions were
    especially fowl
  3. "Schnell!" (abbr.)
    Betty with a boyfriend named Bimbo
    Lingo for thieves
  4. Rest, or succumb to ennui
    Austin Powers's knack, or a talisman
    Ailment for an excessive worrier
  5. Poem like "Beowulf" or "Orlando Furioso"
    Briefly, one with a whistle to blow
    Part or fragment (of)
  6. Look deeply (into)
    Having these in your memory might puzzle you
    Drug deal buster
  7. River ferried across on many a '60s British hi-fi
    Noshed on
    Nickname for a devil on TV
  8. An object such as Antares or Betelgeuse (2 wds.)
    Starting or ending point for a commuter (abbr.)
    Case in 2011's The Green Hornet
  9. Name with diminutives including Madge, Gretchen and Peggy
    Neighbor of Brazil and Colombia
  10. A hundred to Juan
    List of e.g. commands or sushi
    " at the pane", in a Browning poem (2 wds.)
  11. Fruit from Euterpe oleracea
    Spray from a waterfall
    A-list bigwigs
  12. People conquered by the Spanish
    North-south map no.
    His first number one single was "Nice & Slow"
  13. Stain on one's reputation
    Eat at night
    Asner and Askew
  14. One place to find Mayo?
    Part of a cleaning crew
    Temporarily given to
  15. What a detour might alter (abbr.)
    Embarrassing spot for a kid
    Poland's president in the early 90s

[see original puzzle for panel below grid]