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Solution to How To Build Your Own Cathedral


by Kevin Wald
Art by Joe Cabrera

Each set of clues must be solved and the answers arranged in the grid. In each set, one Clockwise clue and one Counterclockwise clue has a word that is actually in Gothic and must be interpreted as such when solving. (This is the relation between stone and stains mentioned in the flavortext: "stains" is Gothic for "stone.")

Small bit of gum (7)CHICLETOne of a pair of measurement devices (7)CALIPER
Perished (4)DIEDSurrounded by haze (7)CLOUDED
Subset of the stars in either celestial bear (6)DIPPERLike Zeno of Zeno's Paradox (5)ELEAN
Omit (5)ELIDEThrow (4)HURL
Happening (5)EVENT the ground floor (2 2)IN AT
Caesar's moon (4)LUNALike the halls of academia (5)IVIED
Average (4)MEANThey're [mins → less] prominent among math results (6)LEMMAS
Set of [aha → mind]-challenging spoken questions (4)ORALEnclosed (4)PENT
Final syllables (7)ULTIMASEffect proportional to the inverse cube of distance (4)TIDE
Detest (5)ABHORStratovolcano in Sicily (4)ETNA
Modifies the text of (5)EDITSBargain (6)HAGGLE
Support for a fish's flipper (3 3)FIN RAYOr, to put things another way (2 3)ID EST
Eater of Doozer sticks (7)FRAGGLEPhthirapteran eggs (4)NITS
Travels (4)GOESQueen of Jordan until 1999 (4)NOOR
Observe (4)NOTEReed instruments (5)OBOES
Without additional iterations (3-4)ONE-SHOTAvailable for purchase (2 5)ON OFFER
Chaplin of Game of Thrones (4)OONAOf the same ashen hue as the ocean (3 4)SEA GRAY
What the [lats → lazy] do (4)RESTDeity drawn at the speed of the [gaits → goat] (4)THOR
Cause to be ashamed (5)ABASHBecome curved (4)BEND
School in Berkshire (4)ETONType of lithography using cathode rays (1-4)E-BEAM
Like the wealth of the [arms → poor] (4)GONEDidn't disintegrate [suns → immediately] (7)ENDURED
Yet (7)HOWEVERFish that can be red when cured (7)HERRING
With a family tree that overlaps itself (6)INBRED"I'm into Something Good" singer (5)NOONE
Exceedingly (2 3)NO ENDRelatives of the Iowa (4)OTOE
Nonacceptance (7)REFUSALHasty (4)RASH
Cross (4)ROODOne with a feudal obligation to a lord (6)VASSAL
Clothing line (4)SEAMComment from man's best friend (4)WOOF
Rhyme scheme of "Jabberwocky" (4)ABABOvertake (2 4)GO PAST
Bioinformatics tool (2-5)CS-BLASTCheck for Teller's [barn → child]? (1-4)H-TEST
Chamber with computers (2 4)IT ROOMLike many springtime flowers (2 5)IN BLOOM
When electromagnetic radiation is detected (2 5)ON SIGHTArrests (4)NABS
Cheri of Saturday Night Live (5)OTERIInability to transmit light (7)OPACITY
One stands before the queen (4)PAWNWhat may mesh with a pinion (4)RACK
Annoyance (4)PESTClean, as a deck (4)SWAB
[Wigs → Path] (5)TRACKGarr of Young Frankenstein (4)TERI
"I am disgusted by this" (4)YUCKPickup, for example (5)TRUCK
Gall (4)BILEQueensland clock setting all year round (4)AEST
[Barms → Bosom] (5)CHEST"Jiminy Cricket!" (4)GOSH
Completely tucker out (7)EXHAUSTAuthor of Exit the King (7)IONESCO
Like some individual facial hairs, sometimes (7)INGROWNInverted six (4)NINE
House of sticks (4)NESTAriz. neighbor (1 3)N MEX
Sty cry (4)OINKWords following a wagon's target location (2 4)OR BUST
Sequel to Typee (4)OMOOExhibited non-zero angular momentum (7)ROTATED
Wagnerian gold source (5)RHINEFind uses for noodles (5)THINK
Asserted (6)STATED[Alan → To grow] takes one for a redwood (5)WHILE
breve (with the beat on the half note) (4)ALLAPen name of Ida B. Wells (4)IOLA
Sound reduplicated by trains (4)CHOOForerunner of Jeremiah (6)ISAIAH
Places to concoct your criminal [lists → scheme] (4)DENS Land (2 2)LA LA
Forerunner of Jonah (7)OBADIAHWee arachnid (4)MITE
Stratovolcano in Kamchatka (5)OPALACreature with eight legs (7)OCTOPOD
Worship of Horus's father (7)OSIRISMStarts the betting (5)OPENS
Former Unilever CEO Paul (6)POLMANSmash Mouth song about a driver hoping to pull in [air → early] (4 3)ROAD MAN
Set of connected rooms (5)SUITE-Niggurath (spouse of Yog-Sothoth) (4)SHUB
18th-century Curaçaoan rebellion leader (4)TULAVictor at Orchomenus (5)SULLA
Use terms ruder than "dang" and "shoot" (4)CUSSPedestrian (4)BLAH
Volunteer's statement (1 3)I CANIs outstanding (6)EXCELS
[And → Into] (4)INTOEasy on the [hails → whole] (2 5)NO SWEAT
End of many a psalm (5)SELAHExtraordinary individual, in the UK (4)ONER
Least far in the future (7)SOONESTOther in Oaxaca (4)OTRO
Bricklayer's tools (7)TROWELSPraline ingredient (5)PECAN
Cheerful (6)UPBEATCreator of the Sneeches (5)SEUSS
City for which a fortified wine is named (5)XERESPredecessor of Pope Telesphorus (6 1)SIXTUS I
Gen (4)XERSIn Paris, to a great extent (4)TRES
Vaporous fuel (3 3)AIR GASCoalesces (4)GELS
Gigayears (4)EONSTreat like [mats → food] (6)INGEST
Revs (4)GUNSThey solder and curl (5)IRONS
Sending forth (7)ISSUINGComment made near a visit's end (2'1 4)IT'S LATE
Most appetizing to Jack Sprat (7)LEANESTTerms for persons, places, and things (5)NOUNS
Seasonal songs (5)NOELSNo longer green (4)RIPE
Rig (4)SEMIBrave New World drug (4)SOMA
Edible ruminant innards (5)TRIPE Pea (4')SWEE
[Wit → The two of us] and similar groups (4)TWOSCausing to fill the role of (5 2)USING AS
Was not at all well (5)AILEDKeys and Silverstone (7)ALICIAS
Lied (3 4)ART SONGQuickly left the scene (4)FLED
^ (7)CHEVRONGloomy (4)GRIM
Television award (4)EMMYActor in The Pink Panther and The Moon is Blue (5)NIVEN
Cake decorator (4)ICERDelicious, slangily (5)NUMMY
Babe (6)INFANTCluster of genes (6)OPERON
Pieces of bread the Italians got [us → away from] (4)LIREMade of money (4)RICH
Feast a month before Passover (5)PURIMStable [magus → boy], say (7)SERVANT
Non-singing Frozen character (4)SVENAsh, for example (4)TREE

The keystones, along with the stones in the words with Gothicized clues (in yellow, above) spell out COLOR THE GOTHIC WORDS' INITIALS.

In each grid, coloring in every occurrence of the initials of the Gothic words from the clues (in blue, above) forms a letter; in order, these spell out the answer, ZYGOMATIC.