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Go The F*** To Sleep

The Ministry

Cousin Ursula: I don't think it's that important.

Kevin: Hmmm, that's unusual.

Crystal: Shoo.

Uncle Chuck: Perhaps that book has something.

Crystal: MIT's not quite what I thought.

Uncle Kevin: Well that's a mess.

King Chuck: That’s frustrating.

Ursula: Heh.

Cartoon rabbit yells at duck: 'Late again? Clean out your desk, duck!' Woman with white flag containing a blue cross sings: Puff on lohikäärme in iloinen. / Nyt vaalenneet ja haalenneet ovat vanhat suomut sen. / Paperista tehtiin Puff kai aikoinaan. /
aikoinaan. / Ja tuhat vuotta sitten Puff jo lähti maailmaan. Purple tastebud-shaped creature scrawls 5th hashmark on a wall, looking at 5 identical large feathered birds Bar chart with y-axis labeled with 3 potatoes and 4 tick marks, x-axis has three states: Idaho, blue, bar just past 4 ticks; Maine, green, bar even further past 4 ticks, Iowa, purple, bar below one tick. Red arrow points at Iowa's bar. Group of 8 human-looking men behind an empty table, some sitting and others standing. One has a grey beard and staff with roots on the end. A ninth figure with a quiver of arrows says: Here comes the one egg dish to feed us all! How do we want it … Denver or Western? Bushy brown critter with tiny hands and striped black and white tail types into a typewriter: Dear Samuel L. Jackson, / I am your biggest admirer! / No one loves your work as / much as I do. I've seen every / one of vour movies and TV…[text goes on but fades out] Front page of The Tech opens to reveal promotion with large picture of one-wheeled bike: IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH / BUY NOW! Man in red and white striped shirt wearing red and white hat is eating a pancake from a stack of more pancakes, saying: So sweet! / So yummy!