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Solution to Frankenstein’s Music

Lake Eerie

by Jen McTeague

Each of the song clips are mashups of two or more songs. Each of these mashups can be found on the website Bootie Mashup .

Each album on the puzzle page contains all of the tracks in one Bootie Mashup Top 10 except one. That track is replaced with a different track from one of Bootie Mashup’s Theme Albums. The specific theme album is clued by the emojis. Each one of the top 10 lists is from a different year, which provides an ordering for the puzzle.

For each album, find the missing song and the added song. The added song has a track number on the Theme Album page. Index that number into the name of the missing song to get the answer JOLLY GIANT.

Overall Extraction
YearSong MissingSong AddedIndexLetter Indexed
2011What’s My Name JackTom’s Driving Home For Christmas12J
2012Stronger Than You And MeCan You Take Your Mama Out Tonight14O
2013Feeling for RosaI Love Celebrations4L
2014Closer Underwater LoveCozy Little Christmas Tree Farm2L
2015Stay Back DownCrazy Little Thing Called Loved4Y
2016Sesamy GenerationModern Shakes7G
2017It Ain’t The MackMonster WAP1I
2018Can’t Feel CalifornicationRhiannon’s Stronger Island2A
2019Dance It UpJust Swing3N
2020SeptemberFunky Dragula4T

Album 1 - October 2012

  1. Can You Take Your Mama Out Tonight (from Disney Mashed)
  2. Dirty Boyfriend
  3. Ghostnam Style 2
  4. Gimme Shelter in the Deep
  5. Good Case
  6. I Want Stacy’s Mom
  7. I Want You Shot
  8. Payphone Lights
  9. Rumors Have What I’ve Done
  10. What Makes You Stop Believing

Album 2 - July 2014

  1. Any Way You Gotta Feeling
  2. California-Love_Ication
  3. Cozy Little Christmas Tree Farm (from Christmas 6)
  4. Never Shake That
  5. Safe And Frozen Bad Memories
  6. Smells Like The Grove
  7. The Fancy Hustle
  8. Turn Down For Humpty
  9. Turn Fancy For What
  10. Wannabe At My Birthday Party

Album 3 - Jan/Feb 2015

  1. All About That Groove
  2. Crazy Little Feel Called Love (from Queen Mash Aid)
  3. Fancy
  4. Fever in C
  5. Hold It Now, Hit It!
  6. Hot Rock n Roll
  7. Just Don’t Care
  8. Numb Habits
  9. Seven Nation Funk
  10. Young Complicated Blank Space

Album 4 - September 2020

  1. Blinding Mama
  2. Bohemian WAPsody
  3. Cardigan
  4. Closer But It’s Funkytown
  5. Dance Memories
  6. Funky Dragula (from Bootie Goes Goth)
  7. Heavenly
  8. Like Michael Jackson Does
  9. Livin’ On The Rebel Lights
  10. Rain Dynamite Levels With Your Love Stars
  11. Summer Rose
  12. The Devil WAPed Down To Georgia
  13. Toxic WAP

Album 5 - April 2013

  1. Fair Thriller
  2. I Love Celebrations (from Black Rock City)
  3. I Love Clarity
  4. Last Friday Night I Wanna Feel So Close With Somebody
  5. Mary, Proud Mary
  6. Rockafella Scream & Sharona With Lazers
  7. Suit and Commercial
  8. Summer of 69 Child
  9. When I Love You Oughta Know
  10. You Oughta Scream and Shout

Album 6 - January 2019

  1. Black Days in Kashmir
  2. Free Flexin’
  3. Hotel Californication
  4. Just Swing (from Electro Swing)
  5. My Hopes
  6. No Applause Left To Cry
  7. Out Of New Rules
  8. Regulators, Boo’d Up
  9. Slayin’ Finesse
  10. The Middle Ocean

Album 7 - Jul/Aug 2016

  1. Alive and Sledgehammer
  2. Can’t Stop Dancing
  3. Could You Be Intergalactic
  4. Good Work Ethic
  5. Hotel Of The Tiger
  6. I Love Party Problems
  7. Modern Shakes (from Bootie Mashup Loves Bowie)
  8. Never Not Unusual
  9. Rather Work
  10. What’s Up Geronimo

Album 8 - April 2017

  1. A True Reason
  2. (You Drive Me) Crazier Than Life
  3. Faded in the U.S.A.
  4. Monster WAP (from Halloween 7)
  5. My Winning Shot
  6. Pony (Like A Shape Of You)
  7. Pretty Stars
  8. September Coast
  9. Shape of Situation
  10. Something Just Like Midnight City

Album 9 - May 2018

  1. Closer Macarena
  2. Every Perfect Breath You Take is Africa
  3. Freaky Friday Galway Girl
  4. Friends To Myself
  5. Ir-roar-placeable
  6. Rhiannon’s Stronger Island (from Fleetwood Mashed)
  7. Rock & Roll Until A Reasonable Hour
  8. Santana in Heaven
  9. Scratches All Down My Back
  10. Still Toxic

Album 10 - Jan/Feb 2011

  1. Barbramyte
  2. Cooler Bites The Dust
  3. DramaTron
  4. Flex Gym Duck
  5. I’ll Be Missing You (Don’t Raise Your Glass)
  6. Know Your Enemy That Got Away
  7. Let’s Dance ‘n Stuff
  8. Silly Fuck Songs
  9. Sweet Teenage Dreams
  10. Tom’s Driving Home For Christmas (from Christmas 4)
  11. We R L’Amour
  12. Whip My Hair, Whip It Real Good

Authors' Notes

Puzzlehunting has changed thanks to online tools, and music identification puzzles are one of the biggest examples of this. Shazam has changed what is viable in this space – lots of old music id puzzles depend on their music id step taking solvers a while, but nowadays we’d get people to listen on the first run through and id any songs they can, and then systematically Shazam anything we couldn’t get. And you can make fun puzzles with that as a step. But there’s definitely something magical about those old music id puzzles. The problem is, to recreate them in a modern era, you have to pull some tricks. Other puzzles have involved making the clips ridiculously short, overlaying something on top of the music, or picking songs that are more obscure. And those can be fine when used properly, but they can also be not very fun if they’re the main focus of the puzzle.

Bootie Mashup was my pandemic obsession. In retrospect, a website devoted to playing good song mashups with a 24/7 radio and run by a trans woman is basically bait for me, a trans woman whose music tastes are… chaotic. One thing I realized that I was mentally trying as I was listening was attempting to identify the component songs as they were being played. I realized that this was a much more interesting music identification, since the songs were fun to listen to and were mostly not obscure. When we won the hunt, this was one of the first feeder puzzles I kept in the back of my mind.

But seriously, check out Bootie Mashup. There are so many good songs on the site that I didn’t have the chance to include.