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Star Rats

As Fievel made his way west, he scrambled to keep his real locations hidden in each entry in his journal. He hoped the small similarities between the decoy locations and the real ones wouldn't be noticed.

So, we enjoyed the freedom of The word Daytona rendered in a sans-serif font. A mouse that has land to itself is a proud mouse.

Today, the family made it to The word Delaware rendered in an ornate display font. We climbed the tallest peak to reach it.

All of us made it through The word Fayette rendered in a script font. This place was so beautiful, that no one could speak. No one said a word.

Traveled all the way to The words Grand Forks rendered in a chunky, heavyweight text font.The advice our elders gave us provided encouragement.

Eventually our travels took us to The word Hiawatha rendered in an all-caps display font. I can almost picture no animals causing us harm ever again.

Started off towards The word Juneau rendered in a cartoonish, all-caps display font. We avoided shady characters. If you give Mr. J. no lip you should be just fine.

I was happy to make it to The word Nashville rendered in a sans-serif display font. This place is top rank. We hope that other cities will be this nice.

Dangerous times in The word Omaha rendered in a sans-serif display font. Dad sparring with others made for some challenges.

Eating was challenging around The word Pennsylvania rendered in a sans-serif text font. Often food went rotten and made us ill. I love how we were able to handle this.

Rough times awaited us in The word Quantico rendered in a squared-off display font. We waited for injuries to heal. Lives depended on it!

Many didn't think we would make it to The words Salt Lake rendered in a handwriting font. We were haunted by the phantoms of the past.

Arrived in The word Sedona rendered in a patterned, all-caps display font. The grandest domains of life await us.

Pursued constantly, we made it to The word Tucson rendered in an all-caps, Western woodblock-style display font. Time to scope out new safe shelters.