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Solution to Everybody Must Get Rosetta Stoned

New You City

by Foggy Brume

Each audio track is the phonetic pronunciation of a clue that has been phonetically transformed. Transforming the answer the same way will yield languages.

Blanks and numbers are provided for the clue answers. Taking the numbered letters 1-22 yields "His included the word song." The "he" in this case is Bob Dylan, singer of "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35," whence the famous lyric "Everybody must get stoned" and winner of a 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. The citation for his prize included the word "song."

There are one or two extra words in each clue. These words come from the Nobel Committee's recognition of a Nobel laureate in that language. The clue's word length (counting the extra words) equals the number of letters in the last name of the author. Take the letters corresponding with extra words to get DECLINE A NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE.

ClipClue as pronouncedTransformationClue (extra words in parenthesis)Clue answerLetterLanguageAuthorExtra
1 uh-sh-yarp uh-cl-yaw uh-f-yound uh-yawn uh-pre-da-tor-yee (uh-scee-nyic) (uh-ree-vi-vyal) uh-cree-chyurs uh-l-yike uh-falk-yuhns Add I to front, j before last vowel Sharp claw found on predatory (scenic) (revival) creatures like falcons talon N Italian PIRANDELLO DE
2 mar-vel-uhn saw-mihs-uhn boos-uhn sre-ay-tor-uhn jah-suhn (sunch-ree-uhn) Change k to s, add ən to end Marvel comic book creator Jack (country) Kirby R Serbian ANDRIĆ C
3 noyj-uhn thiw-en (slih-shake-uhn) (leez-uhn) craff-it-uhn lie-wuhn ngrai-vid-uhn Swap first and last consonants, add ən Join with (cliches) (zeal) traffic while driving merge G German JELINEK LI
4 wee-din ree-duh-peet-uhd, kee-dayt-ee (kee-dun-densd) pee-dairy seed-ong thee-dat fee-dee-churs nee-dik-kee (tree-dans-loo-cent) mee-din-ahj Add iː d after before first vowel When repeated, Katy (condensed) Perry song that features Nicki (translucent) Minaj Swish W Swedish TRANSTRÖMER NE
5 Bruhb-itish (thruhb-oo) wrub-ait-erub djorub-dj oruhb-wellz beruhb-th foruhb-naim Insert əb after ɹ British (through) writer George Orwell's birth forename Eric C Arabic MAHFOUZ A
6 erife nah nahluhbab zootnosh erknockoh (pokes) Completely reverse "Fire on Babylon" chanteuse O'Connor (scope) Sinead D Danish JENSEN N
7 hee-maik hee-beer hee-with (hee-pro-found-lee) hee-fer-ment-ai-shun Add hiː to front Make beer with (profoundly) fermentation brew E Hebrew AGNON O
8 shohn shohz, mohp, floors, (frohg-mens), bohf oh-puhlz, or, ohm-pruv roe-ting Change first vowel sound to Shine shoes, mop floors, (fragments), buff apples, or improve writing polish H Polish SZYMBORSKA B
9 ai-tik'm ai-for ai-spoh-kuhn ay-vik-shuhn (ai-pow-ik) ai-of ai-lai-buhl Add aI to front, change ɜː to Ik Term for spoken version (power) of libel slander D Icelandic LAXNESS E
10 thuh-nuh din-i-vai-duhd (pehn-ehz-ehnt-ree) skai-nai an-and chawn-awk-dust (ehn-ehks-kwiz-it) tohnor-cher ban-and Double first vowel, insert n between them "The Divided (peasantry) Sky" and "Chalkdust (exquisite) Torture" band Phish S Finnish SILLANPÄÄ LP
11 cree-tchu-chuh-reez ree-tchu-eez-em-bling (pair-tchu-uh-bull-eez) pu-tchu-fin-eez seentchu dur-tchu-ing last-tchu jeh-tchu-di Add t͡ʃ ə after first syllable, i before z Creatures resembling (parables) puffins seen during Last Jedi Porgs O Portuguese SARAMAGO R
12 span-uh-lies (sla-rik-uhl) saar sad-min-ist-er sdas-i-plin sta (spya-rity) add s to front, change first vowel to æ Penalize (lyrical) or administer discipline to (purity) punish U Spanish JIMÉNEZ IZ
13 tail-bohss (sresh-neff) thi-wh (nam) oot tiff-er-ehnd sast'm Swap first and last phonemes Sailboat (freshness) with (man) two different masts ketch T Czech SEIFERT EF
14 ing-ech-nik-uhl (ing-iss-ench-uhl) (ing-as-pek) ing-rubb-uhl, ing-sof-wair ing-eks-ploy ing-or ing-mis-aik Add ɪ ŋ to start, delete t Technical (essential aspect) trouble, software exploit, or mistake glitch L English MORRISON OR
15 heen-lin (tree-dish-uhn) nee-oh-luhdj-izm feer (free-duhm) keem-pruh-hend Change first vowel to Heinlein (tradition) neologism for (freedom) comprehend grok O Greek ELYTIS LI
16 kahm-rach, buh-chee, or (speer-it) kahn-fi-chawnt (kwest) Change d to Comrade, buddy, or (spirit) confidant (quest) friend I French SARTRE TE
17 mawsh-uh-nik-er for djoh-sef sim-uhshunz who (poh-eh-tree) part-shuhn-erd with muhk-dash-uhn-yuhls Add ʃə before n Moniker for Joseph Simmons who (poetry) partnered with McDaniels Run N Russian PASTERNAK R
18 spaind (binn-er) behn-er-uhgiz Change 3rd phoneme to N Spiced (bitter) beverages Chai teas I Chinese GAO A
19 soo-per-ai-luh-tiv-lee n-ar-vai-ing fam-i-ai-shd (hin-er-ai-ee) nee-di-aing suh-ni-ai-nans bad-lai-ee Insert ɛ after 4th phoneme, change st to n Superlatively starving, famished, (history) needing sustenance badly hungriest E Hungarian KERTÉSZ T
20 ker-ta-ee ner-kor-ee per-kam-ee (serkwett) ker-nick-nass Penultimate phoneme, plus ɝ to front Tacky corny campy (quest) knickknacks kitsch S Turkish PAMUK U
21 ya-sa-tuhl-ite yuh-duh-viss you-food yay-playt you-byou-tee (yuh-truh-dish-uhn) j and first vowel added to front Satellite device, food plate, beauty (tradition) dish D Yiddish SINGER R
22 djran-spyr-eez (jruh-dik-uh-men-eet) Change first to and insert before last phoneme Transpires (predicament) happens H Japanese ŌE E