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A local researcher made a medical breakthrough that achieved international fame; her concoction worked even better than Love Potion No. 9.

Ingredientia originalia

(Encoded components are added as late as possible.)

Infusion (3)3c, 2b, 1dwhite fat (5)2e, 3b, 3j
Preservative (4)2f, 1a, 3ecolophony (5)3g, 3n, 1b
Gelatin (5)3i, 3f, 1c, 1hwhite fat (4)3d, 3l, 2d, 2h
Pastry (4)1f, 2g, 2kgaseous elt. (2)3o, 3h, 2i
External bone (6)2a, 3k, 2j, 1gmakeup (4 5)3m, 1e, 2c, 3a

Case studies

(Data is taken from original audio-only records to avoid transcription errors.)

Note: The following anecdotal collection regarding a certain medical treatment describes brief medical details, positive and negative outcomes, etc. [2]

GOXLXX XXIXXX had exhibited a reduction in femoral length, with corresponding tibial and fibular changes; contemporaneous with this, the patient became subject to rapid, involuntary movements of the locomotive musculature. After treatment, the patient's internal skeletal issues disappeared entirely, and the patient was able to achieve a diplopodal gait. [1]

RIXXXX EXXXXX, a cohort of patients who had undergone treatment, showed (in post-mortem examination) a significant increase in laryngeal volume. [1][2]

SXAXX OXXX was in a low percentile for stature. After topical treatment, the patient has a calculated BMI of 22.0 (based upon an estimated height of 4.0"). [2]

XLXXES XXAXXX exhibited repetitive airstream interruptions, resulting in diminished vibrations detectible acoustically in the 20 Hz–20 kHz range. After treatment, such vibrations are confined to the subsonic and ultrasonic ranges. (Vibrations in the 400 THz–790 THz range are unaffected.) [1][2]

XXAFXXX XAXX, due to a reduced appetite for an extended period, had become underweight to the point that activities such as bicycling or automobile operation were medically contraindicated. Treatment has completely reversed the patient's condition. [1]

XXAXAXXC had complained of sharp, stabbing pains on 23 occasions. After treatment was administered in the convalescent facility to which the patient had been admitted, the patient was able to resume work in a managerial position. (The patient has been advised to avoid figs, as they may contain toxins that would be dangerous under the present circumstances.) [1][2]

XXAXXXX XRPXXXX had, according to multiple previous reports, experienced fractures during pulmonary exertion. After treatment (administered to the lymphoid organs of the aerodigestive tract) silica percussion tests have consistently shown increased robustness in the patient's superior skeletal structure. [2]

XXEX XAX XXUX was treated for a waxy or oily buildup (having previously been administered one of this treatment's ingredients other than the five listed above). This was not entirely successful. [1]

XXORXX XXAXBX had a reduced antihelical fold and increased cartilaginous development of the concha, resulting in introversion. Treatment, followed by physical training, is giving the patient muscular control over these areas, enabling vertical motion that was previously impossible. [1]

XXXXNXXX XMMXXU exhibited numerous ephelides. After much discussion of the case, treatment was administered, with transitional effects; the patient is now pursuing a course of exercise. [1]

[1] McGear, M., McGough, R., and Gorman, J. (1968). XXEX XAX XXUX, individual publication.

[2] Millar, W., Ferguson, J., Millar, G., and Millar, J. (1969). XXEX XAX XXUX, Thermopsychological Reports 1, 6.