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Curious and Determined



The detective found the answers to be six kinds of shady, in all possible ways. But clear communication was not always the objective.

  • Founding X-Man who was a bit of a Romeo (if you ask Abigail Brand) (5)
  • Long-time roommates who like to take baths, talk to pigeons, and watch the tube (4 3 5)
  • Oil company responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which caused a 2.4 million barrel oil sheen across the Gulf of Mexico (2)
  • Treat called “bengala de doce” in Rio (5 4)
  • The distribution of fans for this football team extends far across Illinois (7 5)
  • Genus of trees that includes clementines, limes, and lemons, of course (6)
  • The median price for a single-family home in California recently topped 800,000 of these (7)
  • Popular 2005 book about the “hidden side of everything” that includes a story about real-life brothers Winner and Loser (12)
  • Southeastern European country in which butter beans are known as “Gigantes” (6)
  • Store that sells a high chair named ANTILOP (4)
  • One of Montreal’s sister cities is Milan, in this country (5)
  • Movie in which the protagonist is bleeding from his mouth, due to being hurt in the titular simulated world (3 6)
  • Ray Kroc opened the first one of these east of the Mississippi in 1955 (8’1)
  • Raymond Lewis Jr.’s college football team (5 10)
  • Don’t preach about imperialism to this captain of the Nautilus (4)
  • Nickname for the flag flown outside American social halls (3 5)
  • The scariest Halloween figure since Mr. Myers is David S. ________! (8)
  • Victoria might prefer this expansion to the game that won the 2017 Spiel des Jahres (11)
  • Onion that’s sometimes chopped up and sprinkled on a baked potato (along with sour cream) (8)
  • Movie filmed within the largest free-standing cell block in the world, The Ohio State Reformatory (3 9 10)
  • Long-running animated show that’s been produced using digital ink since season 14 (3 8)
  • Batman battles this guy in the rain, in the movie named after this fight (8)
  • A low one of these is caused by the moon’s location with respect to Earth (4)
  • If you are really bored while sitting on the can, you could conceivably doodle on a roll of this (6 5)
  • Monty Python sings (repetitively) about how much they like these objects, when they’re not tromping around Arthur’s kingdom (7 6)
  • Fruit with ~12 grams of sugar per cup, as Harry Styles surely knows (10)


After organizing the answers so far, the detective was 14 moves away from the conclusion. They always found their answers in a straight line.

  1. Runs (4)
  2. Turban wearer (4)
  3. Simpsons character (5)
  4. Simple (5)
  5. Musical group, maybe (4)
  6. Type of tree (4)
  7. Took off (4)
  8. Containers (4)
  9. A Jones (4)
  10. Enemy (3)
  11. Gold medal volleyballer (4)
  12. Bite (5)
  13. Programming language (3)
  14. Tree product (3)


The detective discovered the message and determined the shady culprit’s full name!

(1 2 3 2 4)