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Crowning Achievement


She may not have won his heart, but she did win a major award.


  1. Rivera who was playing Aurora when he started hosting Showtime 81 blocks uptown
  2. Song on the Talladega Nights soundtrack along with three of his
  3. Encounter, as between his small-town girl and city boy on a midnight train
  4. Eggs often eaten by someone homophonous with his wife Eydie's surname
  5. Say, writing fifty songs a day for a week — and not to win a bet like he did
  6. Dec. clock setting one zone west of where he manages the Red Wings
  7. What he was "Lookin' for" in a 2017 music video
  8. Number of issues in his Speedball series
  9. " Fou" (episode in which he portrayed Dante)
  10. "Humor social lubricant . . ." (from his How to be Funny)
  11. Like his turn as Vito in Jersey Boys
  12. Dir. from Old Snydale to where he played rugger '76–'88
  13. What his "Did I do that?" failed to do to blame
  14. Geo. term that became obs. just after his album The Hard Way came out
  15. Items in the credits of his Reality Bites, Shattered Glass, etc.


  1. Beast he was the hunter of
  2. Cities like Dallas, where he shot hoops '98–'04
  3. Kind of org. employing his love interest in Wonder Woman 1984
  4. Item he wears on Family Feud and sells in his clothing line
  5. With "The," the show his pre-Carnac questions-before-responses bit spoofed
  6. Feature of the German uniform he wore as a disguise in Wonder Woman
  7. Explosion that his Escape From LA character might have supplied a map to?
  8. What he was for most of Family Matters's run
  9. Composer David Nessim, to him
  10. Day of the wk. after the night when his self-titled 1965 CBS variety show aired
  11. Namesakes of Carrey's character in that sequel he directed
  12. Little Sunshine (2006 movie featuring him)
  13. What neither he nor the Golden State team he coaches is satisfied with?
  14. Him and Sabina Beekman, for example
  15. Him, to Bindi
  16. His character in The Blues Brothers books these
  17. Gardner seen in his Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid