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Solution to Crow Facts 3000


by Ben Smith and Jen McTeague

Step 1: Texting

When you text the phone number, it starts a conversation where the app delivers the solvers exciting Crow Facts and asks them trivia questions. As they are solving the trivia questions, they hopefully notice that all of the questions relate to Mystery Science Theater 3000. That’s right - the Crow in Crow Facts is Crow T Robot!


Thanks for signing up for Crow Facts 3000! You now will receive fun daily facts about CROWS! (*v*)
Crow Fact #11: Crow has a hut with some unusual legs, and there's something similar about his name.
To continue receiving Daily Crow Facts, reply 'crow'


Thanks for subscribing to Crow Facts!
Crow Fact #1: Crow is outstanding in his field and he's got being scary in the... well... you know.
Would you like to receive a Crow Fact every hour?
Reply 'J6w5346wd83hd3' to continue


(J6w5346wd83hd3 is MYSTERYSCIENCE, but each letter is up and to the left on a QWERTY keyboard.)

You now have a <year> subscription to Crow Facts and will receive fun <hourly> updates!
Crow Fact #9: If you saw Crow and then you saw a four footed beast, accented with horns like a deer, you might be experiencing deja vu.
Please estimate the number of turkeys that could fit in 26-100.


(This is a reference to Turkey Volume Guessing Man from Episode 814. The app accepts any number greater than 999.)

Thanks for texting Crow Facts! Remember, every time you text you will receive an instant Crow Fact!
Crow Fact #10: Crow has power over thunder and lightning, but before he uses it, he shouts "I'M CROW!"
Fill in the blank below:
'This can be the haziest
'This can be the laziest
'This can be the ______ Christmas of all'


(This is a reference to Patrick Swayze Christmas from Episode 321.)

You are subscribed to Crow Facts, the internet's #1 source for facts about crows.
Crow Fact #21: Crow is the third in a line of ferocious monsters, all of which provide horrible sights to their captives.
Please describe what you would give to be ambidexterous.

right arm

(This is a quote from Crow, although it’s also said by other people.)

You are subscribed to Crow Facts, your source for fascinating facts about crows!
Crow Fact #19: It takes one week for Crow to transform and rise out of a body of water.
Who was really good in Mannequin?

Kim Cattrall

(This is a reference to Oh Kim Cattrall, from Episode 403)

Thanks for choosing Crow Facts!
Crow Fact #15: Crow goes to great lengths to hide his very big feet
Who is your favorite robot?

Crow T. Robot

(Not a reference - this is just there to check if you understand the MST3K theme.)

Thank you for subscribing to Crow Facts!
Crow Fact #14.07: Crow has everything. He has the face of a cat, the body of a snake, and the blade of an army knife.
Here is your souvenir Crow map of the world!
Please submit the answer to cancel Crow Facts

Step 2: Countries and Monsters

The alphanumerics of the Crow Fact #s spell out KAIJU SONG. Either by questioning fans of the series or some relatively easy googling, solvers should come up with the song Every Country Has a Monster from Episode 1101.

After listening to the song, solvers should recognize that some of the Crow Facts are actually referring to the monsters from the song. Match up each fact with its monster and hopefully notice that the monsters are in alphabetical order, indicating that they need to be reordered somehow.

The solvers next step follows the song - solvers need to associate each of the monsters with a country. Each of those countries is present on the Google Map linked to in the texts, and has a bigram associated with it. When the solvers take those bigrams and order them by the order the monsters are in the song, it spells out NOW GO ONTO TWITTER.

Monster to Letter Conversion
Baba YagaRussiaNT
ImpunduluSouth AfricaOT
KingaMoon 13ER

Step 3: The Twitter Account

Searching a bit on Twitter will reveal @CrowFacts3000. This Twitter account consists of 103 Crow Facts (and not 3103, as it may appear at first glance). Each of these facts can be sorted into one of eight categories depending on the word or words that the Crow Fact ends with. Each of these categories is clued by one of the Crow Facts from the Texting portion, which also gives the ordering of the categories. Count the number of tweets that are in each of the 8 categories and read them as alphanumerics to spell REDWOODS - another tall monster.

BubakWords that can precede “bag”18R
DéélgéédWords that take an accent5E
PengBodies of water4D
Baba YagaPairs of words with the same vowel pattern23W
ImpunduluWords that form new words with “IM” in front15O
SasquatchUnits of length15O
TatzelwurmTools in a Swiss Army Knife4D
KingaMST3K Episodes19S

All the Tweets!

Group 1: Bubak - Words that can precede “bag”

Group 2: Déélgééd - Words that take an accent

Group 3: Peng - Bodies of Water

Group 4: Baba Yaga - Pairs of words with the same vowel pattern

Group 5: Impundulu - Words that form new words with “IM” in front

Group 6: Sasquatch - Units of length

Group 7: Tatzelwurm - Tools in a Swiss Army Knife

Group 8: Kinga - MST3K Episodes

Author's Notes

This puzzle is a reference back to the puzzle Crow Facts, from the 2014 Hunt. That puzzle quickly became one of our favorite puzzles from that year, which is saying something given the overall quality of puzzles in 2014. However, if the absurdity of being texted ridiculous facts about crows wasn't enough, the two of us turned it into a Twitter game, where we ignored the Game of Thrones restriction and started tweeting out the most ridiculous facts about crows we could think of, pretending that there was a Twitter account that they were all coming from.

So thank you Kristen Sunter and Quinn Mahoney for creating a puzzle that inspired us so much. We hope you had as much fun solving this as we did solving yours.