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Communicating With The Aliens


The aliens hope to see and experience many different things on Earth. Show them the way and they'll help you get a new component.

a grid of weird symbols
Symbol 1Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 5Symbol 3Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4
Symbol 3Symbol 6Symbol 7Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 3Symbol 3
Symbol 6Symbol 2Symbol 8Symbol 3Symbol 8Symbol 8Symbol 5Symbol 4Symbol 3
Symbol 3Symbol 6Symbol 6Symbol 8Symbol 4Symbol 9Symbol 3Symbol 1Symbol 4
Symbol 9Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 6Symbol 3Symbol 8Symbol 3Symbol 10Symbol 5
Symbol 3Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 3Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 5Symbol 3Symbol 9
Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 5Symbol 4Symbol 4Symbol 3Symbol 6Symbol 3Symbol 3
Symbol 11Symbol 8Symbol 3Symbol 7Symbol 3Symbol 1Symbol 8Symbol 6Symbol 4
Symbol 3Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 2Symbol 8Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 8Symbol 2