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A group of sci-fi fans came from all over the country to meet up in the arvo for some grog.

Adam Those of us who live near the same jumbo things live in the same town, and vice versa.
Bernard The four people who live near ultra-massive fruits bought different-sized drinks.
Cathy Fred, who didn't buy middies, lives near a stupendous thing that has radioactive elements.
Dawn Evonne lives near a titanic thing that's found near the water, and Ita lives near a tremendous thing that Bernard talked about.
Evonne Bernard, who lives near a humungous bird, and Dawn, were the only people who bought schooners.
Fred No one bought the same number of drinks as the total number of middies bought, or the total number of glasses bought.
Grace Fred and Ita were the only people who bought sevens; one of them bought more drinks than anyone, and one of them bought fewer drinks than anyone.
Harry The two people who live near enlarged birds bought 8 drinks in total, and neither of them bought glasses.
Ita Adam, who lives near a supersized thing with a pit, combined with Fred and Grace, bought exactly half of all the drinks, but only one of them bought beers.
Adam Grace bought as many schooners as the total number of pints bought on the night.
Bernard There were more than 40 drinks bought in total, and exactly 5 people bought a unique number of drinks.
Cathy Talking about all these drinks, no one here speaks exactly the same language as me, and no one's even mentioned what I live near. As Slammin' Sam always says, "We love our tall thing!"
Dawn It's interesting that Evonne, Harry, and Ita, none of whom bought pots, live near the same astronomical things as Bernard, Adam, and me respectively.
Evonne Dawn, who lives near a towering thing whose name references a colour of the rainbow, bought the same number of drinks as me.
Fred Grace, who lives near an enormous thing found at a sporting event, Harry, who lives near a sizeable fruit with a seed, and Cathy, were the only people who bought schooners.
Grace There was no one who bought exactly one more drink than the number of schooners I bought.
Harry I bought the same number of drinks as one other person, but they bought pots, and I didn't.
Ita There were four sizes of drinks ordered, everyone bought only one size of drink, and the most drinks bought was 9.