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Charlotte’s Web

The Ministry

Charlotte looked at all the bugs flying around, and decided to create for herself a new web. Spinning her silk, she started off with a small circle growing outwards in 8 directions. Coming back to where she started, she built out the edges of her web traveling anti-clockwise for another round of 8 steps, before deciding she needed to make it bigger. For the next 8 steps, Charlotte turned each step into two. She continued around her web for the next 16 steps, before realising that she needed to grow her web even more. She turned each step into two for the next 16 steps, and then set her sights on all the bugs flying around her. Charlotte spun her web for 4 steps, and on the next step she caught her very first Gnat. On that step, she wrapped up the bug in a tight cocoon, working back and forth to secure her catch. It bulged out from her web, but her silk was strong, and she was pleased with her work, so on she went. Charlotte continued to spin her web for 5 more steps, before catching her second bug, a Fruit Fly, on the 6th step! She wrapped it up again just like the first, before continuing on. Working her way around her ever-growing web, Charlotte caught her second Gnat 48 steps later. Her fourth bug, another Fruit Fly, followed not too long after, on the 22nd step, so she bundled that up as well. Charlotte was feeling very satisfied with her web, but 15 steps later, she found herself gazing across her work, realising that once again, she needed to make it larger.

For the next 31 steps, Charlotte spun each step into two, and on the 32nd step, she spun the first half into a new step, but as she was spinning the second step, she caught her third Gnat, so she bundled it up just like the rest, before proceeding. Her web suitably increased, Charlotte continued to spin her web until she caught her first Bee on the 19th step, and then her fourth Gnat on the 40th step after that. Bug after bug after bug, Charlotte kept catching them, a Jewel Beetle on her 51st step, then a Kelp Fly on her 6th step, then a second Bee on her 36th step. She continued to work her way around the web, searching for more, but it was only on her 137th step that she caught her eleventh bug, a European Wasp. Undeterred, she continued, and on her 34th step she caught a Horsefly, and her second European Wasp on her 27th step after that. She caught a second Jewel Beetle on her 78th step, and then worked her web over 20 steps more, before once again, realising that her web needed to grow.

Her next trip around the web, Charlotte spun each step into two again, but on the 6th step, Charlotte caught a Damselfly on the first half of the step, before she continued on with splitting the step into a second half. On her 33rd step after that, she caught an Ivy Leafroller on the first half of the step again! A second Kelp Fly was caught on the first half of the 15th step after that, and then on the 4th step, she caught her eighteenth bug on the second half of the divided step, a Lantern Fly, and then carried on splitting steps into two for the remaining 6 steps before she found herself back at the start of her web. Charlotte surveyed her work with pride, and then kept on spinning. As she worked her way around the web, she caught her third European Wasp on the 65th step, and then her twentieth bug, a lone Crane Fly, on her 92nd step after that.

She looked at all the bugs flying around in the air, and all the bugs that she had caught. She had wrapped up more than half of them in her web already! With renewed vigor, Charlotte carried on. She caught an Antlion on the 20th step, and then a fourth European Wasp on the 21st step after that, and then her third Bee on the 98th step after that. She was sure there was a pattern to where all these bugs were getting caught, but as she felt for the tremors in her web, she just couldn't see it yet. Maybe she needed to catch more. Another 15 steps, and she caught her second Antlion, and then a second Ivy Leafroller on the 26th step, and a third Kelp Fly on the 19th! They seemed to be coming up fast! But then she carefully worked her way around her web, still working it slowly, step by step, and she didn't catch her twenty-seventh bug, a second Lantern Fly until the 147th step. At least she enjoyed her web-making, even when there were no bugs flying into it. In 55 steps, Charlotte caught her third Antlion, and a fourth Antlion only 6 steps after that, but it was 89 steps and then 6 steps before she caught her second and third Damselflies.

Charlotte glanced around, and there were less than a quarter of the pesky bugs still flying around. She could certainly catch them all in her web, if only she kept on spinning it outwards. She continued for 59 steps and caught a third Ivy Leafroller, and the third Lantern Fly on the 37th step, and then caught a fourth one 122 steps after that. On her 68th step, Charlotte caught the last Antlion, then the last Damselfly on her 95th step, and she finally captured and bundled up the last Ivy Leafroller on her 65th step. Charlotte continued to spin out her web before ending at the top after 207 steps. She felt for the vibrations where all the bugs had been caught, and although she couldn’t see them all from where she was, she could feel where they all were in her web, and she knew what she had achieved.