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Called Onto The Carpet

Lake Eerie

The carpet seems to go on forever as you walk diagonally across it.

In each of the five rows, letters follow the yellow path from left to right. Adjacent letters on the yellow paths are identical. Example:

For each row, clues are in order from left to right but may start anywhere in that row on the carpet. Rows are not given in the correct order. The carpet is toroidal in both directions: Each row exits to the right and continues from the left, and the bottommost row, reading across, is identical to the top row. Perhaps that KID on the RUG can help you get started.

Row ???

Danny, to Johnny and Wendy, in a sense • What cats do to milk (2 wds) • South African term for sympathy towards others • Spice used in Creole cooking • Calendar boxes • Weathervane alternative (2 wds) • Peaceful poem • Scrunched up one's nose or rustled a paper bag • Twain’s Huck • Where much of a football game takes place

Row ???

Metaphor for a painful experience (because it really is a painful experience) (2 wds) • Horrible fantasy creatures • Repeated sound • Last name on an Emily Andras SyFy series • Images often used by non-professionals (2 wds) • Representative portion • Go by, as time • Grow and other Flash applications (2 wds) • Singer Shore • It’s off in the distance

Row ???

Place that’s an hour away from the Stanley Hotel • Area where a clerk works • Weaken • Slang for a little kid (2 wds) • Masonry need • Preparing a turkey, maybe • Examples or models • Large American cars

Row ???

Depleted (2 words) • Liver spread • See a later clue • de corps • Some religious devotees • Member of a graduating class • Fessed up, with a previous clue (2 wds) • Moon Unit or Dweezil • Midwestern state • Hawaiian island that’s also “The Gathering Place” • The O in REO • Tote or carry

Row ???

Yarn used for embroidery (or a homophone of what Kubrick was considered to be to Duvall) • Umbrella • Paragraph mark • Two, vis-a-vis cards • Like someone in a Margaret Keane painting (hyph.) • Having visions? • /aʊ/ is one • Lowly workers • Will-o’-the-

Visit this Google Sheets template for a solvable copy of this grid