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Ada Twist, Scientist

The Investigation

Said not a word till the day she turned three.
Then she said “Why?” and also “How come?”
“What are things made of?” and/or “Where are they from?”

Ada studied the places throughout her homeland
Or examined the nature of things near at hand
Sometimes she learned one thing; sometimes she learned two.
Sometimes she learned nothing: well, what can you do?

Where’s home to but not to Peru? (7 7)
On campus, what stop’s nearest to you? (7 6)
What's the name of the place does dwell? (5 5)
What is it does so very well? (5 8)

Where do both work? (7 5)
Who played , a lovable jerk? (4 4)
What must you be on to free? (5 4)
What’s the that anything ever can be? (8 4)

Who asked, in a tune, “ Tonight?” (5 7)
Who played , who wasn’t contrite? (5 8)
What is shaped like a bell? (6 12)
What phrase is quite as well? (6 8)

Who built in his last movie role? (4 5)
Which thumb-tip-sized could fill up a bowl? (6 8)
Who played on Miami Vice? (7 8)
And what is a some folks say is nice? (5-4)

Who loved (such sweet tragedy)? (4 6)
What’s ’s whole philosophy? (6 6)
Who developed the first shotgun? (4 8)
What servant to likes to make fun? (5 10)

Where can you find and three words that rhyme? (5 8)
Initially Ada - just three at the time -
She looked at, in turn, e'ry essence or place
And found something new - our dear Ada’s an ace!

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