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Solution to A Crying Shamus

Plot Device

by Mark Halpin

When halves of clues are properly matched, each clue will contain an extra bigram and an extra word. The latter come from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a sequence, which provides an ordering for the clues. First and last letters of the answers to the clues spell out two solutions to the puzzle, TOLLBAR and SHEIKHS, and the bigrams in clue order spell four more, TORS, LATE, BUCK, and RATS.

First Half of ClueSecond Half of ClueAnswerWordplayExtra WordSherlock Holmes StoryExtra Bigram
PS: Racy sex [scandal] musseditem once displayed by comic book [TO]ads (1-3 5)XRAYSPECSPSRACYSEX anagramSCANDAL1. A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIATO
[Red-headed] twin, teeth misaligned, gettingte[RS]e vis-à-vis other letters (9)TWENTIETHTWINTEETH anagramRED-HEADED2. THE RED-HEADED LEAGUERS
[LA]shed (i.e., not arranged)like something that's served [identity] separately (2 3 4)ONTHESIDESHEDIENOT anagramIDENTITY3. A CASE OF IDENTITYLA
A cub's [valley] lair disturbedhoo[TE]d in The Godfather (4 5)LUCABRASIACUBSLAIR anagramVALLEY4. THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERYTE
Reveal confidential information, including failing tri[BU]te, just aboutis "a petiole with [orange] foliage" (9)LEAFSTALKLEAK holding F + STAL[e]ORANGE5. THE FIVE ORANGE PIPSBU
Foremost of butchers plu[CK]s bird's read, going in withrange of [twisted] frequencies (9)BANDWIDTHB + AND + WITH holding [bir]DTWISTED6. THE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIPCK
Cat's ti[RA]de'smeans of proving something's [blue] quality (4 5)ACIDTESTSCASTSTIDE anagramBLUE7. THE BLUE CARBUNCLERA
"Obnoxiously text run[TS]!" Al'sclothing [band] leased for a prom (6 3)RENTALTUXTEXTRUNAL anagramBAND8. THE SPECKLED BANDTS