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New You City

From the first letter to the last, when you make crosswords, there are certain rules you follow.


  1. Musical work
  2. Adam Brody vehicle of 2003–07
  3. Lead singer of the Blackhearts
  4. Airport posting
  5. Insertive partner during sex
  6. Kernel holder
  7. Alternative to Gen Con
  8. Aphorism
  9. Temperamental
  10. Ultra-fancy
  11. X and Y, on a plane
  12. Bump from a broadcast
  13. Memo heading
  14. Trademarked benzodiazepine
  15. Alternative forms of genes
  16. Amount of sand you can hold in one hand
  17. Exasperated cry
  18. Halloween costume whose wearer might appropriately go "Rawr"
  19. Guy in Mare of Easttown
  20. Sci-fi epic about obtaining unobtainium
  21. Shot source
  22. Handheld boat propellor
  23. Marked, as a box on a survey
  24. Pay stub abbr.
  25. Whitney in the National Inventors Hall of Fame
  26. Building
  27. Bus. card info
  28. Edict
  29. Green Building designer
  30. Org. in The Americans
  31. The Bulldogs of the SEC, or their bulldog mascot
  32. The "R" of the pop star commonly called CRJ
  33. Prof's helpers
  34. Record holders?
  35. The second Gershwin you think of, unless you're being wilfully contrarian
  36. Venerable sleep aid brand
  37. Wii U and PlayStation 4 contemporary
  38. Certain je ne sais quoi
  39. Maggie Q series
  40. Nightstand light
  41. Not out
  42. Sue of the Field Museum, briefly
  43. Agate variety
  44. Bird associated with Thoth
  45. Indian wear
  46. Gender-neutral
  47. Kato played by Billy Magnussen in The People v. O.J. Simpson
  48. Language for many of Miriam Makeba's songs
  49. Mat Hoffman's Pro (video-game series similar to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater)
  50. "Said ever"
  51. Video game programmer, for short
  52. #2 helper?
  53. Club with clubs, for short
  54. Fish that, appropriately, becomes an exclamation of terror if you shift its last letter backward one space in the alphabet
  55. Short holiday?


  1. Author of The Complete Book of Running, 1977
  2. Application file suffix
  3. Hew
  4. Vehicle whose driver might ask "Where to?"
  5. Fluorine's neighbor
  6. Cousin of a halberd
  7. What you're on if you accept bribes
  8. "At last," in Alsace
  9. First college attended by Barack Obama, colloquially
  10. Levy imposed uniformly per capita
  11. Score speeds
  12. Suffix with Gator and hater
  13. Twin (special relativity topic)
  14. Wood sorrel genus
  15. Cessation of hostilities
  16. Coloradan ski mecca
  17. Dress down
  18. Higher ed, to an Aussie
  19. Particularly disastrous interception
  20. Suffix with racket or rocket
  21. Sugar substitute found in sugar-free gummy bears
  22. Canasta coups
  23. Certain bacterium
  24. Das Kapital author
  25. "Evil Ways" band
  26. Leader in the Second Seminole War
  27. Obsolete communications medium
  28. Shepard of Idiocracy
  29. Carb-heavy party snack
  30. Chicken (varicella)
  31. Disney character who sings "In Summer"
  32. Make square
  33. Spelling whizzes?
  34. Basil-heavy sauce
  35. Competition in which skateboarder Bob Burnquist has the most total medals (30)
  36. Foaming at the mouth
  37. "Gimme just a "
  38. Putting cargo onto a ship
  39. Stratego piece that can capture the Marshal
  40. 1-1, e.g.
  41. Bedeck
  42. Fill-in
  43. Romantic love, in ancient Greece
  44. The Last O.G. network
  45. Member of the Royal Navy, slangily
  46. Power possessed by Professor X
  47. Waitress composer Bareilles
  48. Stuff inside a lava lamp
  49. X
  50. A shot in the
  51. The Sun King's regnal number
  52. Actor Herbert
  53. Norse underworld goddess
  54. Soul and Rio producer
  55. Subject of the photograph "Guerrillero Heroico"