Solution to Green Building Back to Round

by Brian Chen, Ben Yang, Josh Alman, Lennart Jansson, DD Liu, Jon Schneider, Jakob Weisblat, and Kat Fang

As the “Helpful Fellow” in the lobby of the Green Building states, the elevator is a little weird. Instead of its buttons having numbers, they have colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Gray, White, and Brown). There is also a button that takes us directly to the Ground floor. Each colored button also has an associated symbol which is used both for color-blind accessibility and for one of the navigation puzzles.

This is the button layout:

On each floor, there is a small puzzle encoding the elevator code for the floor immediately above it.

FloorCodeSolution Summary
1Red Blue Red BlueGround floor NPC tells you the code.
2Blue Orange Purple Red WhiteColors of flowers on floor 1 from left to right.
3Yellow Blue Gray Green Purple BlackColors of squares on floor 2 from back to front.
4Brown Green Orange BlueCubicles with flower pots, in order from 1 to 4
5White Orange Red BlueFlower pots on floor 4 form the symbols on the elevator buttons.
6Purple Green Gray OrangePath through the invisible maze on floor 5 passes through these colors in order.
RYellow Blue Green RedInvisible walls form the digits 1 through 4 on different colored squares.

Floor 1

The “Helpful Fellow” on the ground floor of the Green Building tells you this code when you speak to him. The code is Red Blue Red Blue.

Floor 2

The flowers on the back wall of Floor 1 are colored Blue Orange Purple Red White from left to right.

Floor 3

The colors of the squares on Floor 2 from back to front are Yellow Blue Gray Green Purple Black.

Floor 4

The walls on Floor 3 form a collection of square rooms in the same shape as the elevator keypad. Some of these rooms contain flower pots; one room contains one flower pot, one room contains two flower pots, one room contains three flower pots, and one room contains four flower pots. The corresponding buttons on the elevator keypad are colored Brown Green Orange Blue.

Floor 5

There are four square rooms on Floor 4. In each room there are a collection of flower pots which form a symbol. Each symbol matches one of the symbols on the elevator keypad. The corresponding buttons are White Orange Red Blue.

Floor 6

There is an invisible maze on Floor 5 which restricts our player’s movement. The only path through the maze that gets you to the other side of the room passes through the Purple Green Gray Orange tiles in order.

Screenshot with the maze turned visible:


There are four large colored tiles on Floor 6 colored blue, yellow, green, and red. Each tile has invisible walls placed on top of it in the shape of a numeral from 1 to 4. Taken in the order of their numerals, the code for the roof is Yellow Blue Green Red.

Screenshot showing the positions of the invisible walls: