Solution to Athletics Back to Round

by Josh Alman, Yannick Yao, Leon Zhou, and CJ

We’re given real photographs of “athletes” on MIT’s actual campus. We can find the athlete who will give us a puzzle in the Projection Device by going to the corresponding location in ⊥IW.

In the photographs each athlete is shown holding equipment corresponding to their sport (a basketball, a football, or a baseball mitt).

The table below shows the photographs, corresponding screenshots of locations in the projection device, and a description of the location.


In front of the Sailing Pavilion.
The west side of Killian Court.
Adjacent to the Green Building
The east side of Killian Court.
By the east entrance on the outside of Stata.
In front of Maseeh Hall.
On the pitcher’s mound of Fran O’Brien Field.
In the EC Courtyard, just south of Transparent Horizon.
By the backstop of Fran O’Brien Field.
By the dugout on Fran O’Brien Field.


By the north side of Rockwell Cage
By the north side of Rockwell Cage
Inside of Lobby 7.
By the south entrance of Stata, near the police car and where the gym is in real life.
By the art piece Chord in Building 2.
By the south side of Rockwell Cage


On the Steinbrenner Stadium football field.
Inside the Building 1 cluster.
At the Stata amphitheater.
By the entrances to the Infinite and Building 26.
In the center of Killian Court.
Near the entrance to MIT.nano (or the rocket taking you to ⊥IW.giga).
Inside the MacGregor House courtyard.
Outside the Student Center.
By the easternmost corner of Building 66.
On the Steinbrenner Stadium football field.
On the Steinbrenner Stadium football field.
By the eastern field goal.