Solution to Zip it, Mr. Resetti!

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by Herman Chau

At Dorm Row we find a peaceful looking Mr. Resetti in between Baker House and McCormick Hall. If we talk to Mr. Resetti he tells us the following:

"Hello. Um...allow me to introduce myself. The name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti."
"You better not do what I think you're about to do..."
"Phew, glad you weren't so trigger happy."

In Animal Crossing, Mr. Resetti shows up and gets mad at you if you reset or quit the game without saving. The closest equivalent in the Projection Device is to refresh our browser while talking to Mr. Resetti. If we do so, we'll find an angry Mr. Resetti at the Dot waiting for us. If we talk to the angry Mr. Resetti he'll tell us the following:

"Nice to meet you... wait !@)%)! we already met before!"
"Use your brain a bit, you !*!$!( numbskull!"
"Maybe you think resetting is fine and dandy, but I'm not letting you get away with that !%!#)%"
"Keep on resetting again and you'll have to pay. This ain't no )@)!!( video game I'll have you know!"
"Ergh, I got all hot under the collar again. )()#!# me and my acid tongue."
"You just learn to behave, kiddo. Don't make me )!!$!$ again."
"Swearing's not doing us any good. )%!*!( I wish I could do something about it."

After listening to Mr. Resetti's rant, we're presented with a text input with the prompt, "What should Mr. Resetti do about his acid tongue?". To answer this, we need to look at his dialogue when angry. In each sentence there is an implied swear replaced with grawlix. Furthermore, if we look at the first letter of his sentences we get the phrase NUM KEYS. This suggests to convert the grawlix into numbers, replacing each symbol with the number on the keyboard that has that symbol on it. After converting the grawlix to numbers we can convert them alphanumerically to letters. The extracted letters are as follows:

Grawlix Numbers Extracted Letters
!@)%)! 120501 LEA
!*!$!( 181419 RNS
!%!#)% 151305 OME
)@)!!( 020119 BAS
)()#!# 090313 ICM
)!!$!$ 011414 ANN
)%!*!( 051819 ERS

If we input LEARN SOME BASIC MANNERS into the textbox, we complete the field goal and receive our answer DATA BACKUP.