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This puzzle may be solvable with partial information, so I'd be happiest if only one of the hints were given at a time, even if they ask for help for multiple images. Up to the hint-giver's discretion though.


At first glance, each image may look like one location, but if you look closer, that's not the case.

image, picture, temple, island, france, malaysia

While the writing on the temple may give hint at the proper continent, the writing on the van will help narrow it down to the correct country.

To pin down the location with the bicycles, you must do some panning and shape matching on google maps after identifying the country.

image, picture, atlapa, panama, kenya, kitui

This image splits in two places. Once above the African buildings, and once isolating the Atlapa sign. When in doubt, search any text you see on Google or Google Maps.

Image, picture, market, bus, otto's

The city visible on the bus has interactive bus route maps that may be helpful, while the logo in the back in the other city may be recognizable to some avid European sports fans.

image, picture, japan, australia, quarantine

Both locations drive on the same side of the road, and while translation may be the best course of action for one, broader search terms may be best for the other.

image, picture, portugal, clocktower, swimming pool, syria

There's a flag for each country in this image. And remember: the locations at the dots, not the camera, are what's important.

image, picture, sun, skyline, hecka

All the text on the right side of the image is useful, while the left side focuses more on figuring out which city that skyline belongs to.

image, picture, pyramid, st. louis

The interstate is located in a large American city; use the tree line to figure out which.

The other location has a pyramid...

image, picture, memorial, canada, thailand

The majority of the image is located in Southeast Asia and translating text is not necessary to find the location. The Canadian portion of the image relates to the person on the memorial.

image, picture, chicago, tower, copenhagen

A tip for many of these pictures is to search any text you see on Google or Google Maps. This is true here for one location, the other can be found using buildings in the background.

red, blue, purple

The red dot corresponds to one location and the blue dot corresponds to another location. Use colour theory and the lines to identify what the purple dot signifies.


The instructions don't seem to match the images at all, but by finding the combined coordinates in each image, the instructions may become much clearer.


The instructions you've followed after finding the coordinates of the purple dots point to specific letters in specific Photo Spheres/Street View locations. By putting these letters in order, they may help spell out the answer.

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  1. Start from the east doors of the church, walk forward until you reach the border. Directly in front of you, there should be a light blue car. Record the fifth letter of the large word plastering the side of the car, then get in and head to the Whitehouse.
  2. From your position in the Whitehouse, enter the nearest Photo Sphere and rotate until you reach a green wall. There is a colorful word on the wall; record the last letter, then head toward the river.
  3. You're now across the river from the museum. Record the last letter of the name of the metal creature you can see by the staircase on the other bank. Try not to fall in.
  4. You've fallen into the Elbe! Swim downstream to the next bridge and record the fifth letter of its name and then get out and dry yourself off.
  5. Great, you've ended up on the railroad tracks. Hurry on to the road directly south before you get hit by a train. Note the graffiti of a pharaoh on the train car in front of you and then turn 180 degrees until you're facing the white van. Record the first letter above the windshield of the van. Take the van and drive to Africa.
  6. You ditch the van and start walking due east. Turn right and use the Photo Sphere just outside the supermarché. Look up to the black flag and record the last letter of the word preceding the "+". Get back to the van and drive northeast.
  7. Perfect, you've passed the road toll! Now keep following the road towards the tunnel, and before you get there, record the first letter after the hyphen on the green cargo bin on the back of the semi-truck and keep driving.
  8. Ditch the vehicle and walk towards the burger shack to the southeast. Enter the Photo Sphere by the condominiums. Record the first letter of the white word outlined in red and continue on your way.
  9. After a while, you find yourself to the left of the only nearby Photo Sphere and so you enter it. You're in the middle of a residential area with barbed wire topping most property lines. Note a poster attached to the nearest telephone pole. Record the last letter of the first line on that poster and return home.