X Marks the Spot

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle.
  1. ...then go to the northernmost tree, and back, then to the sphinx, then the grand staircase, then back to the sphinx, then to the spaceship, and finally the third-southernmost bush.
  2. ...then go to second base, home plate, and the Eggman.
  3. ...then go to the southwest corner of the building with two towers, the entrance to the curvy building, and the castle.
  4. ...then go to the baseball player, the western crumple, the bottom of the staircase, and back to where you started.
  5. ...then go to the westernmost pillars, the banner, the main indoor way out, and the center outdoor way out.
  6. ...then go to the fishing book, and the flag.
  7. ...then go to the door to a building whose number has seven proper divisors, the sail, eastern lamppost, and the western lamppost.
  8. ...then go to the entrance to Building 3, the pond, and the entrance to Building 1.
  9. ...then go to the purple flower, to the middle of the seating area, to the white flower, and to the blackboard.
  10. ...then go to the lowest window on the side of the nearby building, the corner of the building, the nearest dorm entrance, the interior of that dorm, and the scooter.
  11. ...then go to the corner, and then the next corner, and then the end of the hall.